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  1. I am new to the art of growing and need as much advice as i can,so i can succeed an grow some beauties.I want to try soil at first till i get the hang of it. Q.What is the best soil to use and size of pot so i won't need to transplant them halfway through? .Also how long do i need to put the light on per day?
  2. High Oz

    Growing for youself is the best way, so use
    SUPER SOIL..It's a great soil, I have had nothing but good luck with it..No miricle grow or schultz..Never had much luck with either one..Start your seeds in a 6" 4 or 5 weeks you need to do 1 transplant into 3,4,5 Gal buckets..which ever you choose..They all work..I don't germanate an I don't use moss or cubes..Stick to the basics..When it comes to lighting, you veg your plants for at least 6 weeks..That is 24 hr lighting..At 6 weeks you put them on a 12/12 lighting until they are ready for pulling..What type of lights are you going to use?? Tell me more about your setup an I will help Ya with what I can.. :D I hope this helps ya out.. :D :D :D
    Stay cool an grow Great BIG BUDZ..

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  3. Thanks for the tips Guys.
    Panhead..I'll be using a 250w HPS light.In a 4ft by 3ft space.I'm aquiring 12 clones to start with.will i need to put them on 24hr light or 12/12. :cool: :cool:
  4. High

    Ok 1st question..will i need to put them on 24hr light or 12/12. I would put them under 24 hr. lighting for a couple weeks then into 12/12 they go..

    2nd Question..How deep in the dirt do you plant the seedlings after you start them in damp paper towels?
    Well make sure the root is all the way in ground an the seed pod should be just under the surface..Make sure that you don't J root when you plant..Keep the little root staight as possible..Don't break it either..All these things you got to do is why I just put seed 1/4" under surface, cover it an water..Wah Lah don't have to mess with it till I transplant at 4 or 5 weeks..Hope this helps you out..BIG TOKE NOW.. :D :D :D
  5. I'm a little concerned about the smell it's going to cause so my question is..Are there any measure I can take to prevent the smell from not only taking over the house but seeping through to the neighbours nextdoor,as I live in a semi-detached house.cheers for the advice so far I really appreciate it :) :)
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  6. High

    When you find the answer to that smell question, let me know..My house stinks, an every thing is in the garage..There are products out there for smell, but I have never tried any of them. You stay ccol! :D :D :D

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  7. I'm tryin those out too! We should compare notes! ha ha. I just planted yesterday though. But the temp stays nice and warm in there. Well good luck!
  8. I use just regular cheapest shit i can find potting soil and mix it.
    25% shultz perlite, 25%vermiculite and 50%soil works great for me.
    as for the strong smell get yourself an ozone genarator, they run about $200us a pop but they kill ALL odors even your farts,LOL.
    good luck on your grow.
  9. Hi there all. Since I last added an entry my little babies have been on the 12/12 for about 10 days.Grown to about 14" and the flowers are comin'!!!! I lost 2 of the clones though Don't know why but they never really took, weak cuttings I guess?
    Thanks for the sound advice guys. I'll let ya know how the doin in a few weeks maybe.
    cheers again.

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