Newbie grow. Pictures. NEED ALOT of advice.

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  1. So ive started to put things together and started on what Id like to be for my indoor grow starting.
    Basically Im gonna to start out askign stuff and responses will probaly make me ask more. But here goes.

    Here are my current plants. The 2 larger ones are female WW's. No nutes no nothing added. Will do that once i find out whats best bet to use. I was wondering if she is ready to pop off clones?

    Also there is a picture of a floor in a room. I was curious if it would be best to simpl turn that room into a grow room? Or should i build a box to do it in? Privacy isnt a problem nor is smell really. But here were my plans.

    Either A. Take that window put 2 fans in it. One in one out. Cover around it with black plastic wrap from work to keep out eyes and sunlight and such that is un-needed. From there basically Hang from both walls/ceiling The lamps id need at the height id need. and basically remove the light in the ceiling and use only the lights for the grow. All that other junk either moved aorund or removed from there.

    Or B. Basically build a box in the middle and mount the fans lights inside.
    But now the important questios that will mak eor break my decision.

    In situation A. How many plants would I be able to fit for maximum quality and maximum yield? I dont want to sacrifice either by putting in too many plants.
    Same question for situation B.

    Im basically looking to grow many as possible constantly to keep yield up.
    Also I was wondering if anyone had a watt/plant ratio?
    Such as. If i had 10 plants.. How many lights/watts per would be sufficent?

    Im curious as to how important tempature is to a indoor grow such as this? I know extremes can hurt a plant. But a constant 70-85 degrees would it hurt it to a point of not worth it?

    In this room I know i need lights/nutes/plants and such. if youd like you can name some other things that arent too reasonably pricey to ask for. (Cant spend too much on this)

    Also on the cloning my mother will be the larger female im thinking. How long do you xpect before she would be ready. Also this is week 5 i beleive for me on my grow. Has been strictly old school Planted the plant and let it grow. Water and sunlight all its had so far.

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  2. Hiya, i think if you could split the room in two for veg and flowering or make two cabs for the grow, this will help keep the yeild up by havesting every 30 ish days. Because hot air rises and cold air falls it is worth puttin the extract fans at the highest point you can an the intake as low as you can. As for how many plants it depends on lights used, if you could afford several 600w HPS and MH lights you could have 8 plants constantly vegging and 8 flowering easily with good yeilding strain could see alot of bud.
    I recommend searching these forums for more info on setups ect.
    Glad i could help.
  3. ya what studorspud said is good idea...
    but some questions for ya here. you said the two bigger pics are female WW...but how do you know their females??its way to early to tell...even feminized is not 100%, and its definatly way to early to take clones...gota wait till it gets bigger..
  4. Your saying the same thing johnny someone else said. There just feminized seeds.

    Also why would I need 8 veg/8 flowering? Couldnt I do 1 clone mother to do say. 10 clones at a time?

    Also how many watts would I need or lamps would I need you think for 10 plants all going to bud?
  5. hey yawl. nice little plants man their comming along. youre best bet is to use the 2 cab idea that studorspud said. thats what i might do. you keep plants alwayz vegging and some flowering at all times so you have an endless supply of bud.
  6. But im not sure specs ill need for the lights... Been asking cant get much of a asnswer. Say i do 6 flowering 4 veg. how many watts lights per?
  7. for 6 plants flowering get a 400watt hps and get a 250watt mh for 4 plants in veg.
  8. Very sweet. If i took a divider instead of building 2 box's would it do the same effect? meaning I basically build a wall type thing in the midle and cover it white. Then id basically work ventalation fans and such?
  9. yes its basically the same thing just in 1 box..
  10. Sweet. Sounds like a plan. Now to find a good spot for some lamps like that.
  11. If your looking for a hps or mh go to or
    insidesun has cheaper prices after you include the shipping prices but discounthydro has more of a virariety of lights.
  12. Which would be better? HPS or mH?
  13. mh is for veg hps if for flowering if you can only get 1 get the hps

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