Newbie from Illinois

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Badfish90, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hey, I've been browsing these boards for quite some time now. Thought, since I'm here so often, I might as well join up.
  2. Representing the dirty 630 here. Welcome to the city, what part you from?
  3. Thanks, cool to see another member from the same area. I'm from Chicago actually. What bout you?
  4. Straight from the city? Cool man, I'm from the western suburbs actually, Around villa park/addison if you know where that is.

    Hows the weed over by you?
  5. Yeah, I know where that is. Honestly, the weed here changes all the time. If you know where to get the good stuff then you're set. But I've seen some absolute garbage too. I'm in the heart of the city so I got a lot of options though.
  6. It changes so much. Just picked up from a guy who normally has some grade A shit, but this was below average. Picked up from the city once and it was pretty good, want to find someone in the city though who is steady and not too expensive.
  7. welcome :wave: . love it up in chicago, I go to school with a lot of people from the suburbs.
  8. Welcome to grasscity OP

    Chicago burbs here. 630 as well

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