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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Swyft, Nov 28, 2001.

  1. Newbie Grower here, with just a quick question. Is there any method i could perform to keep my plants (3) around a foot in size? Im afraid if i let them get bigger than that i wont have room and the chance of being caught will rise rapidly.

    The plants are just good bag seed. But look quite sexy ;)
  2. I havnt done much indoor growing but i have grown in a tight subdivision outside behind bushes and things,, I whould try topping it a litle (if your not to far along) to help bush it out, but depending on your situation other things can be done.A while back I live in Fla neer the beach in Treasure Island with all the old people the houses are spitting distance apart being young and half stupid I grew a 6 foot plant hidden behind a 2 foot tall row of bushes that ran betwen the houses, when it got ready to peak over the top I did a string a steak trick, and by pulling the plant to its side, it grew a whole six foot right to left insted of up and down and got lots more yeild to,,
    Hope this helps
  3. thanks a lot
  4. if they try to grow fast cut them to 12,12 and keep your light flour and tight to them! put a screenwith 1 inch holes, over top to keep it slower and toping would help but on shorter plants be carefull not to over cut! you say bag seed so you dont know what strain they are ! hopefully a short strain! i saw a kid but a 1by 1 ft box made of wire meash over a plant and make a basket ball size bud and it was about 2ft high! good luck tazz11
  5. as soon as the branches alternate,,you could....

    cut out the center stem leaving lower branches,,Flower.

    flower,using scrog method.

    never allow plant to "reach" for the light,,no matter what you do.


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