Newbie CFL Dresser Grow

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  1. Hello everybody,
    This is my first grow and would like to say that i am very grateful to the GC community for the priceless knowledge i have already gathered. I readily admit i don't really know what i am doing, but i am excited to learn. Your help is greatly appreciated. Here is how my story goes...

    The seeds are all bagseed, they sprouted in a pot that a houseplant lives in. I looked over there one day and decided to help em a bit. I transplanted them into miracle gro, and set them in front of a bay window. After reading GC forums i decided to whip up a dresser grow. It is super cheap; three 26w cfls, a space blanket and a six dollar fan. I don't keep it closed yet, but when i flower i will rig up some sort of ventilation/carbon scrubber. Let me know what you think!

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  2. Things are going well so far. I added more cfls and started a yeast/Co2 regimen. The biggest plant, Bertha, is showing signs of preflowering, i think. I'm a noob so they look like balls to me, but from what i understand if hairs come out of the balls then they are be females. Let me know what you think... thanks in advance.

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