Newbie -_-' dont ya just hate us :S

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by beny11849, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. heya lads, ive just recently inherited some plants and have had them growing niceley, there both about 6 inch high and they gotta lotta leaves on em, i know i shouldnt smoke em now :S but i was just can i tell if there male or female? and which one shall i it true one of them gives you a headache instead of getting you stoned?

    any help would be muchly appreciated, oh and i have another problem :S...i have a UV tube, and i wanna wire it up to a plug socket...any directions on how? or if i can?...if ya gotta link to a site that shows me that would be great...

    anyways...ill keep ya all posted on how my babies are goin, so far so good...cant wait to gerrem in a spliff

    laters :) D*K
  2. IN some regards the male plant could give you a slight headache but should get you stoned, the difference is that the male plant has less thc content the female. So you should only try and grow female plants. Then to breed female seeds Look it up in High Times Issue (OCt. 2001)

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