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Newb Question Here.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by connorwasthere, May 26, 2010.

  1. Haha, I know you're probably laughing, but I don't know virtually anything about weed, besides how to smoke it and where to buy it. I live in a place where my friends say the weed is pretty bad. So how can I tell if I have good weed, whatever you guys call it. (btw might want to fill me in on the terminology.) You know, the "type" of weed I guess.
  2. You can tell if it's good by the smell, by how many trichs are on it (crystaly things), and by the amout of hairs it has on it.
  3. well what are you wanting to know about lol
  4. Second thread from the top of this page called "Guide for apprentice smokers". Should tell you everything you should know when starting.
  5. How? Total newb here. Is there some guide I missed? I tried search, but i'm not so good at that.
  6. God. No wonder my life is so depressing! You guys have better shit. :/

    Seriously, ALL of the stuff I've seen in the area I live basically looks like that second picture.

  7. Just picked all this up for a bill today :smoke::smoke:
    totally dank
    ImageShack(TM) slideshow
  8. Ditto. I have a hell of a time finding good shit. But I think if you're new that should do the trick anyways.

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