Newb Need advice on my 315watt CFL grow room!!

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  1. :hello:Hey Grasscity peeps.. This will be my FIRST ever post. I have done what I thought was some great research but I will still feel like a super newb until I actually get my grow on and popping.. SO.... I plan to grow inside my Bedroom using a grow tent and a 315 watt CFL bubbleponic system. I dont know what my major concerns are just yet but from the research Ive done so far looks like my grow tent will be 32x32x64. I figured that I can do a good 3 or 4 plants in there with no problem. Please Respond A.S.A.P if Im wrong.. lol

    Ill be using a S H bubbleponic system with a 315 watt CFL lighting system. The kit has a total of 5 lights. Also comes with
    Deluxe Base w/6 pod openings
    -6 net pods
    -Flowering Timer
    -160 gallon/hour pump w/ feed tubing
    -Air Pump w/12 inch a
    -Steatlth Hydro has a 6 month chemical & nutrient supply to use.(they recommend i use it.)
    -pH Control Kit
    -Hydroton Grow Rocks & 6 Rockwool Cubes
    -Pro Drainage Kit & Thermometer/Hygrometer
    I havent gotten any feedback on wether I should plan to purchase (An Inline Fan & CO2 filter)

    With my growroom I want to start with atleast 3 or 4 strong plants. Will this setup be good enough to do so?

  2. You should be able to grow 3-4 plants no problem in that space. :) I've seen 1-100 plants under a it's up to you how long you want to veg...less plants means more veg time to fill out the area..more plants= less time, but higher plant numbers.

    I'd definitely start with some clones. Make sure they are absolutely clean of bugs. Trust no one where it comes to clones..I spray everything for bugs no matter what.

    Yer gonna need some kinda fan..I recommend getting something a little stronger then you need and using a speed controller. Like maybe a 4" inline (not booster) with a speedster controller. Also gonna need a carbon filter if smell is a concern, which it always should be. you should be able to find a nice 4" fan and filter setup @ HTG maybe.
    I'll help with whatever ya need :)
  3. Mannnn I love this site.. Im glad ppl here are cool beans not a bunch of hard azses who think there the ish because they have more knowledge than the next guy. Thanks @ Bongsauce for the advice bro.

    Ill definitely be starting out with clones and if I were to purchase a clone from someone who (SAYS) there bug free etc etc.. how do I make sure they're bug free.. Or can they be debugged at all?? Plus ppl can you list the best clones I should start with with My CFL 315 watt grow. I know some strains are easier to grow than others, which ones will fit my setup the best?
  4. Hey Chief,

    I'm in the same boat you're in, bud. I'm just researching the crap out of building a grow room, trying to make sure I've got everything covered. The fan looks like a good price for the fan/filter combo. I need my setup to be as quiet as possible, so I ordered a 4" S&P TD-100 fan from for about $78.00 shipped. I'm planning on picking up a Phresh carbon filter to go along with it for about another $50.00 or so.

    My next design issue is with the lighting. What are you using for the 315-Watt CFL's you mentioned?

    Good luck, and I hope you don't mind if I bounce some blind-leading-the-blind kinds of questions off you.
  5. Well I thought I had the best plan possible as far ass killing like 1,000,000 birds with 1 stone. Lmao I found a Bubbleponic system which is supposed to be wayyyy better than aeroponic systems. However I was on a site called stealth hydro(dot)com and they have a entire system including the lights. I was recommended to get the deluxe lighting package.
    **Below is a description of the lights from the SH website.**
    The multi spectrum lighting system provides an unbelievable 17,000* LUMENS!!. Available in three different spectrum combinations; vegetative, flowering or multi spectrum.

    Includes one 30K Spiral, one 41K Spiral and one 50K Tube style bulb. A multi-purpose variety of light spectrums. Can be used for both flowering and vegetative applications.

    Includes Two 65K Spirals and one 50K Tube style bulb. Best for pure vegetative purposes.

    Includes Two 30K Spirals and one 50K Tube style bulb. Best for purely flowering purposes.

    For the ultimate setup possible. Includes a total of five 105 watt light bulbs; two 30K Spirals, two 65K Spirals and one 50K Tube style bulb. Can be set up to be used for both the pure vegetative and the pure flowering configurations.
  6. I forgot to mention about the carbon filter fan deal. if you already purchased the fan first then dont worry about it but if not try to get the fan and CO2 filter in the same deal because the specs of the unit match perfectly instead of you having to match components together...

    "Blind shall lead the blind.. We just follow our noses to the smell of the LOUD!!"
  7. that does look like a good deal. L4B has another great option with the S&P fan which may be a little quieter.

    When buying any prepacked hydro/grow deal make sure you know what you're getting...alot of it can be easily made yourself. I always recommend DIY stuff but I understand some people don't have the tools or w/e so it's really up you to decide if it's worth the price to not have to build it yourself. For some people buying prebuilt is way to go..especially if it's in their budget.

    bubbleponics is the way to go though for easy hydro with great results.
  8. My setup should be almost all DIY. I've been geeking out about it for a couple weeks now, revising my design, poring over lighting options. All much to the amusement of my wife... I'll try to post the drawings in another thread - I hear it's not wise to anger the Chief by jacking his!

    It would be MUCH easier to go with a pre-made setup, but I'm having to go with more of a stealth approach. My yield won't be as high, but it's strictly for personal consumption and a buddy's medical use.

    Check out DierWolf's postings about LST, topping, etc. He's got some great info. good luck.
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    Wats up with ur setup man I'm interested in a update.. I cant wait til mines up n running
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    I'm really cranking up the construction of my cabinet this weekend as time permits. The total dimensions will be 4'6" wide, 33" high, and 22" deep. I need it to fit into a specific spot in my house and to blend in with the rest of the furniture as far as size and appearance are concerned. I've built some furniture in the past, but nothing this complex.

    I'm planning on two growing chambers, one to keep a mother or two vegging & cloning, and one for main growth & flowering. Technically, there'll be a third chamber above the veg chamber for the ventillation fan (S&P TD-100) and the electrical controls.

    First, the footprint of the mother/clone chamber will be 20"x20"x20." It's my vegging cube! It's going to have a 3-light flush mount ceiling fixture, so there'll be three 46-watt actual wattage CFL's there. With the lights attached to the top of the chamber, I'll be raising and lowering the pots rather than the lights. I'm mounting a narrow shelf (4-5") along the side of the veg chamber to keep a windowsill "greenhouse" for starting seeds and clones. There will be a windowsill-size heating mat on the shelf under the "greenhouse." (A quick search on Amazon will show you what I'm talking about.) I'm mounting the shelf on height-adjustable brackets to be able to bring the little ones closer to or farther from the lights. I'm only planning to use this for 1 (maybe 2) mothers, and of course for starting the cuttings as clones.

    The flowering chamber will be 34"w x 20"d x 28"h. Without the "utility chamber" I can keep a bit more height in the main chamber. I've got a 30" 5-light fixture to mount to the top of that chamber. With Y-shaped socket splitters, I can put two 26-watt actual wattage CFL's per fixture socket. Maximum wattage per socket is a standard 60. That'll put me at 260 watts total, which isn't great, but is probably the best I can do with my size restrictions and keeping it steath (heat buildup concerns, etc.) Across the entire chamber, I'll be installing a height-adjustable shelf. Again, the plants will be raised and lowered rather than the lights. I'll have the carbon filter (Phresh 4" flange, 4" long) installed in the upper back corner of the flowering chamber.

    In the partition between the two chambers will be an 8" square darkroom louver vent. It'll allow me to use one carbon filter intake on the vent fan mentioned above for both chambers, and still be able to maintain the proper lighting schedules for the veg/mother chamber and the flowering chamber. Similarly, I'm using darkroom vents for passive intake. There will be two 4" round darkroom vents in the flowering chamber and a third one in the veg/mother chamber.

    I'm still not sure about maintaining air circulation within the cabinet. I've got 6 PC fans, which I was planning on wiring together, and setting up around the chambers. Then, I saw a small, quiet oscillating clip-on fan that would be MUCH easier to mount rather than mess around with a series of small PC fans.

    I hope this was descriptive enough. I'll see if I can get a couple shots of my scale drawings and maybe a few of the construction as it progresses. I've spent the past three weeks at least researching what I want to include, how to incorporate all the random ideas into a funtional stealth cabinet. (My wife's a bit sick of the project already!)

    If I can get the main construction done this weekend, and get the whole unit painted on the inside & stained/polyurethaned on the outside, I can probably knock out the wiring and ventilation during the week after work. Then FINALLY I should start germination next weekend.

    How's your setup coming along? Hit me back when you get a chance.


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