Newb here with deficiency and/or nute burn

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  1. Hey guys

    So I am a newb at growing and can't seem to get this thing going for some reason I am getting some kind of defficencies and I think a little nute burn. I just flushed all the plants with A ph of 5.7 and the final run off of 300 PPM. I am at a Loss as to what's going on with my little gals. Info below

    Medium: botanicare ready gro coco amended with mykos, and azos, xtreme gardening (washed it with a PH of 6.0)
    Stage: 3rd week from seed
    Nutes: GH 3 part, super thrive, cal mag, liquid karma, bio roots, power silicate, azomax, and hygrozyme
    PPM: 427
    PH: 5.7
    Lighting: 2ft 4bulb T5, about 4-5 inches away from plants
    Temps: 75 F

    Pics below, if you look closely some of the leaf tips are curling up and burnt.

  2. Overfed and overwatered IMO.  They don't need nutrients when so young.
    Wait until the soil is dryer before you water, then give it a thorough watering.  Not a little every day.
  3. I am growing in coco, I shouldn't be giving it nutes? This is the 2nd week of nutes that I just added
  4. Patriofarmer knows his stuff and hes right.
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    My bad looked more like a traditional soil mix.  I don't have any experience growing in coco and perlite only, but from what I understand you're supposed to let it dry out a bit every other day.   Water retention is one of the benefits of using it, I say put it to the test.
    Hopefully someone with more experience with coco can help you a bit more.  That's quite a list of product your feeding them though, and a bit strong for such young plants.  
    Check out this journal.  He has other journals, but this one is a cfl grow using the same medium as you.  Adjusting PH is addressed as well as first day of feeding on day 15 @300ppm all in the first 3 pages.  Ed knows his stuff growing in coco.
    Good luck.
  6. Listen to Patrio, he's dead on. Mistake to feed two times in a row, if that's the case. Back off with the nutes and use the water, water, feed schedule so as not to overload the girls.
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    Best to keep in mind plants don't need any nutrients until there at least a month old, lay of the nutrients completely until there bigger  :smoke:  I'm not to experienced with coco but iv'e seen if the mix is to strong it can cause nutrient burn in seedlings.
  8. Dude you guys rock!!' Thanks so much. I think the reason I started to add nutes was because of N deficiency, as you can see in the picture of light colored leafs. I mean I started with base and added bio root, then I was like more growth ill added the rest of the mix and get it going, I guess that's my mistake. We live and learn, let's hope these puppies survive.
  9. The bottom leafs will not recover, so simply watch the new growth, they're fine, as long as you don't over-fertilize. Keep your ph sorted and follow the water, water feed schedule, and easy on the ferts.

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