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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to this community and relativity new to cannabis. Started a year and a half ago for my spinal stenosis which helped immensely but also found it helped me mentally. I've been on a long wired journey the pay couple months and here I am now. I'm trying to open up to get more involved with my passion and hopefully find my way into the community. Thank you.

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  2. Welcome top Grasscity.

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  3. Welcome to the boards DGM!!:gc_rocks:

    Lots of knowledgeable and friendly people on can both learn and pass time "with friends" here:passtheshit:
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  4. Hey man!

    Welcome to GC!
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  5. Welcome to the forum, I’m a fellow stenosis patient too. Sorry for what you are going thru and weed does help. This is a good place with good folks.

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