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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BantamToker, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I'm new to the forum's and to smoking. Anyway what do you think of this bong?
    Also any tips about identifying good weed from bad would be much appreciated.
    plus tips in general

  2. Honestly, it looks ugly as fuck to me. The plastic base, the metal bowl, the matte glass, the shape, its rubber on glass.

    Get yourself a nice glass on glass bong, I just got an 8arm w/ pre cooler at my local headshop for $75.00.
  3. it looks cool to me but im being optamistic and thinking thats frasted glass. platic works but no comparison to glass
  4. It is frosted glass.
  5. thats ugly as hell man. sorry to burst your bubble. do what stealf did and go to a head shop and buy something more traditional/better.
    besides that...
    bad weed will be dried up and crumble easier
  6. #7 windowPanes, Mar 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2012

    Sorry man but 100% FALSE.....that's not true WHAT SO EVER. Shitty bud can be Moist and wet/fresh as hell, smelling like fucking hay and shit, ughhh hahaha. GREAT nuggs can be perfectly cured but Dried Out a good bit, just meanin LESS WATER WEIGHT, MORE BUD FOR YOUR MONEY!!!

    Yes, shittier bud can tend to be drier than good. But that also has to do with the amount of Trichomes. The "Crystals" you see on the outside And insides of nugs, theyre pretty much pollen, and good bud has muuuch more crystals and better smells, citrus/berry/Strong pine/sweet/sour/pungent aroma's. It's Obvious to the nose when it's Very Good....

    Mid grade typically smells like Cedar, sometimes slight Pine in ways. Cedar or pine with a few seeds here and there. Never buy a bag of Shake though, that's already broken up bud, someone might try to rip you off Good like that.....Also Do Not buy bags with a shitload of seed in them, the seeds are worthless, weigh too much..and just get you fucked outta getting more nugs lol...

    Also, invest in a Digital Scale. Keep yourself from getting Shorted on bags you're payin for...
  7. Unless that bong is under $25 I would look into something else. When It comes to bongs generally I dont want any form of plastic or metal involved. Glass on Glass is your best option. Its more pricey, but IMO glass on glass connections make much better seals and you dont get that metallic taste from your bowls

    as far as weed. First picture good weed, second picture is bad weed, third is shake. If you can, avoid buying the last 2.

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  8. i think the plastic doesnt matter since its the base i think it looks cool and if it gets u high who cares
  9. my mates got a bong similar to that with the double chamber/ash catcher as well. It works to get you high and after well use it doesnt taste that bad. Not good but not bad.
  10. general advice: dont trust nobody

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