New zong! :)

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  1. [​IMG]

    I fucking love this piece.
  2. That's prett sweet man. Can you fit ice in and use the top bend as an ice catcher?

  3. I suppose you could fit a couple cubes but it's pretty small and already smooth.
  4. Have the exact one except instead of green/white its yellow/red. I love it gets sooooo milky. Have fun man:bongin:

  5. Haha it's awesome + Rep for Zongs.
  6. Always wanted a Zong, anyone know if they make ash catchers or precoolers for 18.8?:smoke::smoke:

  7. Lots..
  8. Do you know any of the measurements(height, mm size, etc..)?

  9. Looks like 15 inch, with a 9mm down-stem.
  10. Now get a vaporizer and take bong hit out that bitch!
  11. It's still hitting like a pro :)
  12. That's a Mong... I don't see a Z i see an M :)

  13. Look at the down stem.
  14. Zongs are awesome :smoke:
  15. Zongs are sick...I have a late 90's era tube, a newer 2005ish tube and one of their steamrollers...Check out the link to my collection page in my sig

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