New zong needs name

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    I picked up a new zong today but am having trouble thinking of a suitable name. Any suggestions?

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  2. Frank or Jacques
  3. Ahhhh, that reminds me of a wicked bong I had that broke named Maelstrom.
    Good name for a zong IMO.
  4. You didnt even hold it in lol. Crazy stairs. Name it crazy stairs.
  5. didnt even milk it, it didnt fill half...but nice piece lol
  6. Smoke 15 bowls outta that fat bitch then name it the first thing that comes to mind on your last exhale.
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    Like from Rocket Power

    Even though I've never been big on naming my pieces. It's been pretty easy for me though, since my last two pieces were Sheldon Blacks. I just refer to it as Sheldon
  8. Officer Ricky Ross
  9. Sick bong cool kinkage directions n bout ThaZong?

    i had a 4 kink zong, till it shattered from 3ft onto tile... The zong was cool to look at but was draggy as a mofo.
  10. owned the EXACT same one man, sadly it died on judgment day :,( but i named mine cyclops. enjoy yours while you have it lol
  11. Stairway to heaven

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