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New zealand

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by milkman5, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Any stoners in Queenstown nz?
  2. Hey man, I'm visiting Queenstown for a bit and finding it hard to find bud. Been to the skate park but it's only a small one and mainly kids skate there haha.

    It'd be great if you can help a brother out :)
    If you can hook me up, I'll share some too man!
  3. Visited Queenstown when I was younger. Aw man I'd love to go back, the mountains across the water look painted on, it's such a beautiful and laid back place
  4. Bump ;)

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    None of the 7 other people in New Zealand have any bud?

    Try hitting up the sheep, I guess.
  6. Of course I have to be the first one to say the obvious and super redundant "grow your own bro." But it's true, take a little time and effort and you could set yourself up nice. Otherwise, just go to a big city and ask everyone you think might smokes and be genuine in your need of wanting help, usually a good stoner wants to help a fellow toker out if they're not sketched out by you and could trust you. Good luck.
  7. My girlfriend killed my plants coz she reckoned I flirt to much. Was pretty gutted lol

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  8. Threw darts on a map once to see what places I should visit. The dart landed on NZ and made a giant hole. Did you feel that?
  9. Get a less crazy girlfriend... And then grow your own.

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