New Zealand legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Jane_Bellamont, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Seriously, where are the kiwis on this forum?

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  2. lol jane just an army of one?

    although pot seems to be on the flip of most every country now a days
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  3. Was an intresting watch! Nice Gandalf-styled beard the us-expat had by the way. Props for that. Just need the long hair to go along, and not that short cut, for that ulimate hippie-look. =)

    I hope they legalize soon.. I would surely visit then!
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  4. Yep! As a multicultural country, we sure welcome US American immigrants ;)
  5. I'm a kiwi, don't post as much as Jane though. Now that Aussie has medical it's only a matter of time for us. Not sure about legalisation but we have one of the highest amount of cannabis smokers per capita so I'm not sure why more isn't happening. I mean there's j day where people can freely smoke weed in designated areas without trouble from police as a protest for legalisation.

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  6. I often use NZ to torment my Aussie amigos.

    Did you know that most Aussies are not aware that New Zealand is the capitol of Australia?

    Spread the word.:D
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  7. Actually, New Zealand is back door to Australia.
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  8. I'm a kiwi...
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  9. Is there a chance that NZ can be legal?

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