New Zealand legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Jane_Bellamont, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Seriously, where are the kiwis on this forum?

  2. lol jane just an army of one?

    although pot seems to be on the flip of most every country now a days
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  3. Was an intresting watch! Nice Gandalf-styled beard the us-expat had by the way. Props for that. Just need the long hair to go along, and not that short cut, for that ulimate hippie-look. =)

    I hope they legalize soon.. I would surely visit then!
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  4. Yep! As a multicultural country, we sure welcome US American immigrants ;)
  5. I'm a kiwi, don't post as much as Jane though. Now that Aussie has medical it's only a matter of time for us. Not sure about legalisation but we have one of the highest amount of cannabis smokers per capita so I'm not sure why more isn't happening. I mean there's j day where people can freely smoke weed in designated areas without trouble from police as a protest for legalisation.

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  6. I often use NZ to torment my Aussie amigos.

    Did you know that most Aussies are not aware that New Zealand is the capitol of Australia?

    Spread the word.:D
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  7. Actually, New Zealand is back door to Australia.
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  8. I'm a kiwi...
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  9. Is there a chance that NZ can be legal?

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