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  1. Hey all, I'm from NYC, been smoking since I was 18. Fortunately I work in the entertainment industry so I've had access to great stuff almost my whole "life". I'm really interested in growing as well as alternatives to smoking. I'm experimenting with topical solutions like lip balm and lotion but also love fooling around in the kitchen so recipes are always welcome.

    I think I'll wait till I move to Cali before I get into growing (later this year!).

    Some details,

    26, latin male, work as a sound engineer. I love pot, I've always been very open about it, both my little brothers smoke and it was a real treat to get them blitzed last holiday season when they came to visit from college.
  2. DUDEEE! Another new yorker. Welcome to GC. :)
  3. welcome to the city
  4. Hey Smiley and Over,
    Thanks for the good karma. I love NYC. Grew up here all my life between Brooklyn and Manhattan. I'll be leaving NY in June but she's always going to be home.
  5. Hey man, whats good? I am from NYC too. Brooklyn to be exact. What borough are you in?
  6. Brooklyn over here too!
  7. I live in Queens for about a year now. I grew up in brooklyn. Park slope (when it wasn't nice), sunset park, my ma's in bensonhurst now. I also lived in Hell's Kitchen, Inwood and Tudor city, all fun places. I just bought a little street corner vaporizer and I am zooming right now.


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