New York concert suggestions?

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  1. Im looking for a concert to got to with my friends this summer, i have never been allowed, but now that im 18, i decided to go to one.

    Im looking to go to one preferably outside, and multiple bands. I would like to sit on the grass, and a place were there will be a lot of fellow tokers.:smoking:

    I live near NYC, and was hoping it would be upstate. I like all kinds of music, except hard rock, and country...

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Come up to Bethel woods (home of woodstock 69') and see dave mathews band,or dylan with other ppl i believe, if thats what you like. Should be awesome.

    Its a beautiful outdoor pavilion with lawn seats. It basically is what your describing.

    -mult. bands, i believe a few with dylan
    -lawn, and grass seats=check
    -fellow tokers. let me remind u its DMB, he's prolly tokin.!!
  3. thanks, ill look into that, that would be awsome since its in bethel..

  4. yeah no problem

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