New York Assembly Overwhelmingly Approves Medical Marijuana Measure

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  1. June 3 , 2013
    Legislation that allows for the therapeutic use of cannabis by qualified patients, Assembly Bill 6357, was approved today by members of the New York state Assembly in a 95-38 vote. The debate now moves to the Senate where members are expected to take up companion legislation, Senate Bill 4406, in the coming days.
    These measures would allow for the therapeutic use of cannabis by qualified patients who possess a recommendation from their physician. They are being supported by a bi-partisan coalition of more than 50 lawmakers.
    Under these measures, state-registered patients diagnosed with one of over a dozen serious medical conditions - including cancer, HIV, post-traumatic stress, arthritis, diabetes, or epilepsy - would be allowed to possess up to 2 and one-half ounces of cannabis. The measure also allows for the establishment of licensed not-for-profit and for-profit facilities to produce and distribute cannabis to qualified patients. Non-registered patients would be able to present an affirmative defense of medical necessity at trial.


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  2. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated he opposed the measure, but was keeping an “open mind” on the issue.
    I read this is expected to pass the Senate. Does anyone think it will pass the Senate with a veto proof majority?
  3. Ha ha! Take that Rosenburg! I say the police should stop and frisk you for being so suspicious.
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    Good to see that my state is finally jumping on board after being decrim for so long.  Just hope cuomo doesnt try and shoot it down.
    Does anyone know when the senate vote will take place?
  5. Just an update this died, It was never brought to a vote and now the next time it can be voted on will be January 2014.
    Good luck next year, but this is honestly bullshit that they wouldn't even vote.  Cuomo must have been scared it was going to pass
  6. I'm sure he was but it was Skelos, Hannon, and Klein who were refusing to vote on the issue.

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  7. still shitty that in a government "for the people" when 82% of new york in a survery said they wanted MMJ it doesnt even get a vote
  8. Yeah definitely shitty. Instead of voting on MMJ they voted on dumb shit like banning novelty lighters.

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  9. the bill sucks. It doesnt even allow patients to grow their own!

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