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New Years Resolutions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IceCreamKidd, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Just wondering if anyone this year pondered for part of their New Years Resolution that they would either cut back, or stop smoking the Ganja. :)

  2. I have some resolutions that I've made and although cutting back isn't one of them, I'll probably cut back a bit. I do that when I get lost in a fog so I'll probably cut back several times this year but I won't be quitting. Nope, not me!

    I have a productive and happy life and sweet MaryJane doesn't do anything to make it bad so there's no reason to give her up.
  3. mine is to smoke more
  4. i don't make resolutions anymore... i always end up forgetting what it was within a few months of me making 'em, lmao!
  5. Hehe, I'm with Cottons on this one!
  6. More weed, & sex... Quit smoking cigerettes!

  7. That's why you write them down, silly. ;)
  8. ha... i've tried it. i forget that i even wrote 'em down, lol. then some time months later i'll come across it and be like "oh yeah... i remember that... oh well"

    i'm not really big on resolutions anyway. i'm always trying to find things about myself i could improve on... or things i'd like to do. so to me a resolution is really kinda pointless. to me new years is just another day and an another reason to get wrecked, lol.
  9. I never made one before, ever, cause I didnt think I could keep it. this year I made one, and deep down, I know I want to keep it. i feel pretty strong about it, so Im going to go through with it. I resolve that Im going to cut down on the alcohol intake. I really have been doing it up bad this past year especially. every year it seems like I party more and more, being 22 youd think this is normal, but I know in my own head I really do drink way too much. no need to sit around by myself and drink the night need to drink so much to blackout all the time. no need to drink cause Im feeling bad about something and dont want to think about it! it takes me just about 2 days to recover now from the crazy shit I feed my liver! and if I drink through it, the comedown after a few days is horrible! SO, Im with critter! I think the water thing, is an excellent idea! :) good luck to all of you who have made resolutions!
  10. I luv you, Sensi!!!!!I know you'll do it, girl! Anytime you need some encouragement, let me know. I'm all about that!

    Weedeater, good luck in smoking more. Critter, I know you'll drink more water and Bud Head, good luck with quitting're already getting more weed and sex, right?

    I have more goals for this year than resolutions like skydiving, a tattoo... a bunch of things I want to do before I exit Earth. My main resolution is to work on my patience. I am so impatient. I get mad in the car at lights and behind slow drivers(typically called road rage which is also on my list of things to work on), in line at the store, with people when they say they have something quick to talk about and they really don't...spit it out already! So, anyway, that is my main one.

    Everybody else, good luck with any resolutions you may have.
  11. you can do it sensimil ... i have a alchoholic father and i understand how hard it can be for someone to stop drinking...
  12. RMJL More weed than i need, more sex than I've had in ten years. I'll be the one to be in the world record for weed and sex! LOL
  13. Haha...I know of a few friends who told me their New Years resolution was to stop smoking for a break. And they puffed New Years Eve and each day afterwards.
  14. thnx mr x. :) alcoholism also runs deep through my fam, I can see myself in their shoes then, and its just not me! letting a subtance take that away makes me sad!

    rmjl ~ skydiving..mmm..thats my kinda girl. hey pateince is a virtue! lol, I think you can do it! maybe thatll be mine next year..I could use a good count to ten once in a while lol
  15. hey rmjl... i'd soooo wanna go sky diving some day! and depending on where ya get the tattoo, it's got the potential to hurt like a bitch. mine felt like someone was drawing on me with a razor blade. i want to get a phat tatt going down the right side of my back with Michael the archangle doing battle with Satan. that's probably gonna make me cry, lol... but it'll be worth it.

    good luck sensi... i've got faith in ya. and like rmjl said, anytime ya need some encouragement come to the city. there'll be pleanty of it ;)

    i wish everyone the best of luck with their resolutions... and i hope everyone has the best year ever in 2003! =)
  16. Oh yeah, Cottons, it's going to hurt like a bitch. If I can put some headphones on with some Led Zep playing then I can probably zone out enough to handle some of the pain.

    I want to go on a road trip this summer...maybe all of us who want to skydive can hook up somewhere with our resident skydiving expert, Sensi! That would be cool. By the way, you're avatar is driving me crazy. Next stop....Church.

  17. I also have alcoholism in my family. My uncle, who is a treated alcoholic basically says that if alcoholism is heredity, then I'm But the good part is that I have been around plenty of alcohol. and never did like it.
  18. ((((((hugs)))))) to *ALL* you!!! you guys just rock!

    anytime, anyone wants to take a jump, im hanging out in the jersey shore area now! feel free to fly with me! im up for it anyday!!! everyone should do it! dooooooooooooooo it! doooooooooooooooooo it!!!

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