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New Years Eve in Amsterdam :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoke Head, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. So I going to Amsterdam to selebrate this new year and I was thinking of meeting up whit some blades:D If you dont mind me hanging out whit you for the night, show me around town and shit.
    I will post more info if there are interested people.
    note I wont have ALOT of money but enought for a g or 2 :eek:
  2. You are one lucky motherfucker.
  3. I heard they only let people from there smoke in the coffee shops is that Tru ?
  4. Soo your goin to a foreign country that is weed friendly thats prolly a one time in a life thing to go to and you only have enough $ for 2 grams? Priorities haha
  5. Yeah that is how it is when I am going whit my mother... which dosent know I smoke and is actualy gona be in an other city. But any way
  6. Thinking of heading over there soon. Currently in East Anglia, England, which is about 200 miles from the Dam by train. Would be awesome to hit it up for new years, but I'd definitely plan on consuming more than a dime. Probably remortgage and bake for a few days...
  7. Don't worry will make something happen ;)
  8. bump
    Come on guys I dont want to be some lone Bulgarian guy in Amsterdam not knowing wtf to do or where to go.:confused:
    There must be SOMEONE that will go from the whole GC :D
  9. Not effective yet

    also I'm going to be in the ocean (cruise) over new years hahah amsterdam would be cool tho
  10. Spend that money on some real fun.

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