New WWE Show/ Stoner friendly Commercial/ DubStep

Discussion in 'General' started by 5cooby Doo, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. :smoking: .....this commercial seems too stoner friendly

    Looks like a pretty interesting show, *IF your are a wee fan*

    [ame=]WWE Network is coming in 2012! - YouTube[/ame]
  2. inb4 the debbie downers say "wrestling is fake" even though we know and still watch it to be entertained.
  3. lol... WWE.
  4. Damn right! We all know it's fake, but watch it for fun :)

    Ufc is where you go if you want to watch a real fight! *Jon Jones Whooo!*

  5. You laugh at other peoples interests, but how cool would you be if you said you post on a stoner forum?


    You do it because you enjoy it.

  6. oh, come on. Never take anything I say serious, I'm never serious.
  7. Is Hulk Hogan still the champ? Havent watched in a few years.
  8. Wwe has gotten kinda shitty the last few years. The acting and characters suck now.
  9. I just started watching it again because Kevin Nash came back to the WWE, and the Rock!
  10. Used to love wrestling, can't bear to watch it now because i know its fake and the storylines are terrible, really wish i could enjoy it, tried watching it like a year ago and i was so bored

    Saw smackdown live when i was like 14 and we sat by the curtains (where they walk on to stage but at very far side), my friend pulled back the curtain and shouted "shit!" i was like what man, we looked and you could see all the wrestlers from the roster hanging out and talking, boogeyman and rey mysterio laughing at something and all of them acting out moves etc, it was fucking awesome to see but really disappointing because even though i had superstitions that it was fake that literally proved the point lol saw TNA and met a crap load of wrestlers like kurt angle etc but they also hung out on the tour bus all like best friends joking around

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