New Website to be a BIG HIT!! SuperJoint is da MAN!!

Discussion in 'General' started by budguy, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. 1 More Full day, then I think we are launching the new site, I cant wait, and I bet everyone out there cant wait to get rockin and a rollin, We are going to have a great bunch of people over there!!

    I personally cant wait to help out all you growers on the growers boards!! :)

    Come on people lets get PUMPED up, and say thanx to SuperJoint for making all this happen

  2. Yeah, it'll be great to have money orders! But I will miss the mystique of the name. Grasscity is so generic.
  3. the new site is gonna rock! big thank you to superjoint for all the time and money he put into this board. and thank you for makeing me an ambassador.
  4. Check out the new layout, the site is really fast and has a very cool new look..
    Hope you'll enjoy it!
  5. Yeah I wonder if this new site will ever take off...
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  6. Some nice finds @Free Hat
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  7. Did it take off? Those posts were from 2001
  8. Damn @freehat thats 2 x 19 year old revivals in 24 hours.
    Your definately the record holder now mate.
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