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  1. ok im pretty fucking ripped right now and found this out by accident

    1. get a soda from like mcdonalds or some good shit like that. use water if your scared of the soda taking some thc or whatever from your hits.

    2. drink about half of your lovely soda.

    3. take a hit and blow smoke into the straw (make sure it bubbles) until you see smoke start coming out of the spot where the straw goes in.

    4. pull your straw out a bit to where its out of the soda but not out of the cup.

    5. inhale your flavored and filtered smoke :smoke:

    its not really a bong but you get 2 hits kinda like getting shotgunned but one is filtered you dig?
  2. Whatever thc may have possibly been left after the initial exhale, will be long lost in your soda. (Fats, syrups, etc.)
  3. bro, then use water.
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    But... But, why?

  5. /thread

  6. are you retard?:eek:
  7. you need to go play leap frog with a unicorn.
  8. Ill try it it seems like a good way to conserve if you use water

  9. dude did you even read step one? :poke::poke::metal:

  10. yeah man, its like 2 hits for one.
    you could probably do more then one but it will get weak after a couple tokes.
  11. Or you could just hold the hit in until you exhale and don't see any smoke. Most people call it ghosting the hit.

    Doing that other stuff is really kind of unnecessary, if it got you noticeably higher than just holding it in it's probably just a placebo effect.
  12. you breathed in the smoke to blow it into the cup and then inhaling smoke a second time?
    not a new way to smoke just breathing second hand smoke from yurself

  13. you dont inhale the smoke the first time. you just hold it in your mouth like you would do if your doing french inhales and smoke rings, stuff like that.
  14. Sounds like the drink would then taste like bong water with less concentration of tar and residue.

    Sounds tasty...


  15. i never said you had to drink the shit.
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    I really don't ever remember seeing that the first time I read this. The sentence read something to the tune of "... Fill up with favorite soda!" Why does step two still say soda only, just as step one used to read? ;)

    And yes, slightly retarded. I am slightly retarded.
  17. How is it like two hits if you don't inhale it the first time??? You make no sense sir

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