New venture.... have some questions!! (pics)

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  1. Ok I know how everyone here likes pics... so im going to include a few in this post

    I was set on growing outside but i can control the variables alot better inside my house

    I am setting up a stealth grow in an entertainment center in my room. I live with my parents (I am legal...... second year of college this semester...) and this entertainment center is never used. they know I like to trash my room, and they haven't seen inside that cabinet in years.

    Here come the questions....

    Can i completely grow my plants to full size in that small of a space?

    its probably about

    (2.5 X 3 X 2.5) ft

    Using some sort of method of making the plants grow small? or something?

    next question...

    What would be the best way to control smell?

    I have some vent filters that i planned on putting around the plants to try and help..... but we all know the scent of marijuana is strong and unmistakable... I'd love a great idea to smell proof that enclosure.


    Do these plants like red light?

    Self explainable, I heard that somewhere and just need to verify

    It would be possible for me to transplant outside, after they grow to big for the enclosure.... but i'd really like to keep this inside.

    another note.... my mom smokes weed but would kill me if she found out i was growing. so smell is probably my biggest worry right now...

    What I am doing is is starting off six bag seeds from some great mids I had... already got them to sprout roots in a cup of water and just put them into the planter.

    My plan is to take the strongest two plants after a few weeks and dispose of the others... focus on those two until I HOPEFULLY get a female. If not then I will just have to start the process over.

    Any tips/comments/help is appreciated

    one more question.... when im ready for harvest... all i need to do is cut it at the root and hang it upside down for a week? Do i pick off the buds before or after it completely dries?

    and here is the "noob" question of the year... Is the bud all that we smoke? Ive never grown and ive smoked a lot of different looking weed. Is all I am trying to harvest the buds? and throw out all the other parts of the plant?

    Thanks in advance for all your help. Keep your eyes on this thread for some pics... uploading them now.
  2. my first time i had tons of questions too. first off, let me say good luck and that getting started is def. the hardest part. after u have all supplies, its basically a cake walk.

    all my questions were answered mainly from here:

    heres a youtube link too, for an example of the few supplies u need
  3. what light schedule should i be giving the seedlings? as soon as they sprout what should be the day/night?? i want as small of plants as possible. Lol
  4. area of the stealth grow

    cleaned up


    the goods



  5. you have a lot of research to do, most the questions you have asked can easily be answered in the stickies or in a quick search.
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    with all the different information on these boards, its hard to find exactly what one is looking for sometimes. But i agree, I should probably do some more searching.

    anyways, i would appreciate any input


    EDIT: grandpas guide really helped, I hadn't read that one before.
  7. you can try lst'ing your plant to make it small and bushy and get a good yeild off of it. Look for the sticky about lst...low stress training. For lights, i would go with some cfl's...use bright white for veg and soft white for flowering. you want the plants to be getting either a 18/6 or 24/0 light schedule during veg. keep reading, lots of good info. i went from not knowing much to building a box and going crazy with my new hobby/obsession lol. good luck.
  8. Yeah its weird... its pretty fun to do all this stuff. never thought it would be.

    thanks for the input!!
  9. Ok I truly searched for this answer... But since this is a stealth grow obcioucly ventilation is key, and a carbon filter is as well. But what about when I open the main doors to the cabinet? Im assuming a ton of smell will come out into the open... since it isnt filtered. What are some ways around this?

    also Im thinking of moving the project into the attic when they get big. Just have to make sure its cool enough... (texas heat in august. LMAO going to be like 120 in the attic)
  10. update...... all of my questions asked in the top post have been answered..... I didnt do enough research but now I feel really confident about it. Just working on an exhaust system as we speak. any input?
  11. update: my crops sprouted the other day

    Im excited for this grow!
  12. make sure you have a bigger than needed fan for exhaust, its better to overdo it than to not have enough airflow and waste more money buying new/another fan.
  13. noticed there is a window bhind grow cab, slide cab, in front of window, install bigger than needed fan for exh. with carbon filter in cab, attach 4" dryer vent hose, (flexable) route out the window if you have a bush out there, mask off the rest of the window openning or force in fresh air with another fan and left over hose , cut the blinds on just one corner so it doesnt look obvious, you have great ventilation and masked! that should work until you move in the attic, then place near a/c duct if moving in the summer. check up there to c if u have a roof exhaust fan, turn it down to 70 or 80 or so, should have a t-stat on it. then u have cool air and exhaust for for a happy grow, good luck!:wave:

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