new user thought id share my grow, dr60 250w hps with pics

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  1. hey gc, new to the forum so thought id start a journal of my current grow. I have 3 plants in flowering now which are 1 big buddha chiesel, 1 fast nevilles haze from female seeds and 1 dinafem diesel, lights were flipped to 12/12 on 10/30/2011.

    set up is as follows:
    secret jardin dr60
    250w mh for veg, 250w hps for flowering
    soil, bio bizz light mix
    bio bizz grow
    plant magic plus old timer organic bloom
    2 gallon pots
    4" tt inline fan for extraction
    2 x 6" fans for circulation

    day between 75 and 80
    night between 60 and 65

    humidity stays at around 45/50

    ph stays between 6.3 and 6.8

    if ive left anything out just ask

    first pic is of the top of the tent and the next is a canopy shot of all 3 plants
    the next three are the dinafem diesel
    the next three are the bug buddha chiesel, this plant was topped once
    the next three are the female seeds fast nevilles haze, this plant was fimmed 1 producing 5 tops

    any and all comments,advice and criticisms welcome although please make it constructive.
    cheers gc, will try and keep this journal uploaded as often as possible or as much as is necessary to document growth, answer questions and ask questions of my own. peace and happy growing.

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  2. oops forgot the last photo

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  3. I'll follow along
    looks good.
  4. hey mixted good to have you along bro. just had a look at your journal, went from being a sad grow to being a badass grow! that carmelicious is looking chunky whats the smoke like on it?
  5. not too shabby, it is one of my favorites so far, not the most potent thing I have ever smoked but gets me ripped. Definitely will be coming back to this strain in the future.

    full smoke report here
  6. Pulling up a chair, I started flower at 11/03 so right behind ya, def interested in tht cheisel yum yum lookin to get some Buddha seeds next, I love cheese
  7. hey manwall glad to see you here. i have to say the chiesel has been a pleasure to grow, very accepting with nutes, responded well to topping and i have say has started to stink like a bitch.
  8. Looks good, i just got my 250w up and runnin. subbed

    btw 7th pic girl looks beautiful
  9. hey phyking thanks for dropping in. how you liking your 250 so far? i used to grow with cfls and i am really noticing the difference. the 7th pic is the chiesel and she really is a pretty little thing isnt she. had heard from people that she would be a bit of a nightmare but so far so good.
    when i came home today i walked into the house and you could smell the plants almost straight away so i figured it was about time to add the carbon filter. so just made a joint and am about get underway. may post some pics as well seeing as ill be there so expect a little picture update soon.
  10. carbon filter is now installed so snapped a couple of pics as i was sorting it out. so here we go:
    pic 1 is the filter
    pics 2,3,4 are of the chiesel
    pics 5,6 are of the diesel
    pics 7,8 are of the fast nevilles haze
    pic 9 is of the fix job i had to do on the fast nevs as i managed to split the stem a bit as i tried to tie it down (now i know why i havent tried to tie girls down this late on before) but she should recover just fine
    and pic 10 is of this funky ass leaf i found on the diesel any1 ever seen 1 like that before

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  11. right guys i knew this time would come, i have a question for all the people subbed and the random stragglers who may pop in here from time to time. after fitting my carbon filter it seems like the added resistance on the extraction fan has caused temps to rise to on average the mid 80's, highest so far being 86.5. in turn this has caused my humidity to go up and has led to my soil drying out in about half the time it usually takes, usually water about every 4 days. watered day before yesterday, fitted filter yesterday and both the chiesel and the fast nevilles haze needed watering as the soil was bone dry. now my question is any1 have any idea on how to sort this out without spending a huge amount? for example at the moment i cant afford to buy a more powerful fan.
    cheers gc
  12. I had to run a seperate fan to the carbon filter (one for light and one for fan) but I had a extra fan and ducting to do it. Bigger fan is all I got sorry.
  13. no worries, cheers for the repsonse i thought thatd be the 1 i got. was just wondering whether if by pushing air out through the filter rather than sucking through it would this remove more air from my tent? or will the resistance still be the same or less effective?
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  14. it would be more efficent to pull air through but will still lag a bit pulling or pushing through a filter
  15. Yea I love the 250, I upgraded fomr a 150w hps with extra cfls, but I can already tell my buds will be more dense. All of your girls look beautiful, the cheisle dosn't seem to be giving you any problems at all
  16. Hey bro.. Nice looking garden. Very healthy and lush...

    Your in a tent right?? What's the cFM of the fan.. Either way, should be able to handle a 250 easily enough.. Definitely pull with the fan.. If you can, and there's enough neg. pressure, open or add a passive intake for the temps..
    Good luck..

  17. cheers for the input again Mixted. ok so am gonna keep the filter as it is and hope for the best the raise in temps and humidity dont do too much damage.

  18. hey eddro cheers for stopping by and of course thanks for the compliments. yea i am in a tent and the cfm is around 180 if i remember correctly. until the filter was added the fan was doing its job replenishing the air and keeping temps at bay, however since adding it temps have raised by about 5. currently only have 1 of the bottom 4" intakes open, being held open with some ducting, but there are some more rectangular intakes i could open only i was worried about lights leaks as the tent is in the spare room where on occasions the lights may be on during the plants night cycle.
  19. Beautiful plants!!!
  20. [quote name='"Original Past"']Beautiful plants!!![/quote]

    Hey Original Past thanks man, greatly appreciated.
    Expect an update tomorrow as it will officially be the start of the 3rd week of flowering for the chiesel and I thought, since a few people seemed to be interested in her, she'd have a little photoshoot.

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