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New Up (Michigan Medical)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nickkycubba, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. #1 Nickkycubba, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2011
    EDIT:: Will be updating from now up with pics of my pickups. Keep checkin' in to see what kind of bud MI can get! Also anyone else feel free to rep MI by uploading a pic of your MI bud too!

    Check out further pages for more pictures!

    Got an 8th of a couple strains, have pictures of one right now.

    50% Indica / 50% Sativa
    Great great great uplifting high with a great body high comedown.

  2. looks like a great smoke, dank as hell. Smoke on bro :smoke:
  3. very nice my friend!
  4. How much that cost in your area man?
  5. Maybe you can awnser my question. Is the strain gods vagina called gods gift in a dispenary because it sounds better?
  6. dank

    rep that michigan bud :smoke:

  7. its like a ritual for me to chew on the stems i get from buds. of course i'm not a medical patient as they issue THC pills here.... which i would try just i don't have any
  8. Also from the Mitten, I had some Blackberry that looks similar that I picked up a few days ago.

    Here's some pics of that;



  9. So many crystals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :smoke: looks good bro
  10. See, this is what I'm talking about. Incredibly grown and harvested Michigan marijuana. REPRESENT! :p
  11. I live in Michigan's upper peninsula, and I'll tell you what, there's some damn good weed grown up here, too.
  12. damn that bud is maaaaaadd frosty! I wish I had some of that! still can't wait to try it, good pick up my dude!
  13. New Up or Re Up
  14. I'm back everyone :wave: with more pics. Hopefully you guys enjoy them as much as I do. I don't know why I didn't post I have tons of pics. Here is scratchin' the surface. :smoking:

    BTW: Every bud is locally grown in MI. Also my piece that I put up is all hand blown glass from a local shop in MI.

    Maui Star


    Tahoe OG Kush


    DJ Shorts Blueberry Hash







    And here is how I put them all to use :devious:


    Smoke on everyone. :wave:
  15. love the piece :smoke:
  16. Where at in Michigan? repping down here in the 734, by the ganja shack dispensary :D
    Also i give all your buds 10/10, thats some fire. gotta love our michigan weed
  17. Thanks! And oddly enough I'm from the 734 also! But I'm not quite sure where the ganja shack is :confused: But the weed is quite great! Just killed a volcano bowl and 2 bong bowls :smoke:
  18. yo son...that buttercup looks pretty serious, how'd it smoke?

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