New Type Of Bong (party bong)

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    Hey guys im kind of new to smoking so i dont know everything about it but im basing this idea off of a memeber named Rpenn34. He had this sick video of his home made bongs. In one of them he had those aqua pods as extra chambers for smoke.

    So what if we put alot of aqua pods togeather and made a party bong. Everyone would fill their pod with beer and it would be a new type of game or something. You take in the smoke nd then chuge the beer.

    Special Bong: Start off with a regular bong, then add the feature of acting as a weebly wobly that never falls down and justs kinda goes up again. Also the slide would be seperate but would come with a tube that could reconect itself to make it a regular bong. it would come with the fan attatcment/ plug to plug up the top.

    Bong Fan: Would screw ontop of the bong and would pull all the air though to the aquapods. in would know jsut the right amount of air to pull though to make all the pods filled and waste no bud.

    Aquapod: You fill it with beer/liquor and then it fills with smoke. Once it is filled with smoke you can detatch it from the case and carry around (if wanted) you unscrew the cap and inhale all the smoke, and then chug the beer.

    Filter(long blue thing): To prevent the beer from getitng to nasty a long filter would act as a ash catcher inbetweeen the slide and aqua pod.

    Tubes: the tubes would connect the aquapods and bongs and filters. They would come in different lengths and would plug into each other as easily as a headphone jack/guitar cable

    Here is the aquapod

    This is what would sit on if it was loading the smoke from teh bottom (green in following pictues)

    the slide woudlnt be connected to the bong, it would be connected to a tube that went from the bong though a fileter to the aqua pods to the bong again.

    Here is showing the smoke (white) woudl travel andand then it would fill up the whole pod (grey) from the bottom

    Here is how it would fill up again but from the top (this would be easier to make)

    It would come in a nice 2 part case. The bottom would store all your stuff

    While the top acts as a map/mat to set it all up

    Like i said im not sure if it would work but i am going to try and make one to see what happends.
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  3. Crazy shit, legit plans.

    Good luck man I hope you succeed.
  4. Sounds like a terrible idea to me, but go ahead and make it if it tickles your fancy.
  5. thanks dude

    some people say its bad and some people say its cool. jw why would u say its bad?
  6. Personally I don't like the idea of filtering my weed thru beer. Beer is carbonated and all that shit would release into the smoke while hitting it... Not to mention THC and alcohol= not as much THC in the smoke. Plus I'm not a huge fan of drinking in the first place.
  7. holy shit I just looked at the pics and was confused as fuck. I'll read it l8er sorry I got to go.
    Looks like a cool project though
  8. good luck. not quite sure on how you intend on filling the pods yet but im going to watch and learn. Ive been wanting to do a five person gravity but hadnt quite got all the details worked out.
  9. He suggests screw caps.
  10. oh shit see this is the part where kinda new at smoking comes in
  11. That would be absolutely disgusting.......................

    like dude drinking bong water pretty much..............
  12. theres a filter b4 it gets to the pods
  13. That's good for the ash, but you still have a carbonation issue with beer. AND the loss of THC in the smoke which I'm not too sure how much would be lost but i know ppl bitch about koolaid even. And alcohol will absorb more THC than Koolaid.
  14. you can't use alcohol as a replacement for water. as the other guy said, thc is alcohol soluble. you can use other things besides water tho, such as sweet tea and monster are particularly appetizing.
  15. I jizzed my pants lol

  16. the ash is not what will create a horrible taste it's the smoke itself being filtered through it.
  17. BUt your drinking the alcohol after it so it jsut ges right back into u

    all i have to say to that is are we men? or are we pussies?

  18. Which just means that when you drink the beer afterwards, you digest some THC instead of smoking it. No problems with loss. Might be a taste issue. Cool idea. A party weed game.
  19. just because he doesnt want to drink bong water tasting beer doesnt make him a pussy
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    no were just smart. what are you?

    worst idea ever. i didn't really read it but if you filtering smoke through beer well that = fail

    and don't be such a dick when people are giving you feedback.

    ok i actually read it and its a fail. go back to the drawing board

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