New TV show based around MY huge ass family?

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    Hello everyone, my family has always been large, but these past recent years it has grown to a huge extent, when I was born I had a family of 4 kids under one roof (not bad I know).

    Recent years the number has grown to around 8 in the house (with another one coming from a sister) and 2 out of the house, remember this is not including the parents.

    Just this past week a company who records the lives of other large families and puts them on Television contacted mine, for the fact of us having a large family and a couple more reasons.

    We would be making around $50,000 an episode and I would receive a weekly income of anywhere from $2,500-$5,000.

    I know this is a random post , but I had to let it out, it seemed to awesome to keep my fellow blades out of it!
  2. That's stupid as fuck people will make a tv show out of anything these days, I could probably get a tv show about me watching tv.
  3. I know right? I couldn't believe it my self, but hey, I'll be getting good money at least.
  4. what station is your show going to be on?
  5. I'm not sure at the moment, we have been contacted and told what will PROBABLY come of it.
  6. Just don't turn into the Duggars, pumping out children for the sake of keeping their show on the air.
  7. You should secretly give a few shoutouts ... or maybe throw in a "whats up blades"
  8. I am one of the "children" out of the house.
  9. you should get me a job filming or something LOL

    we'll sneak off and smoke or i'll bring the camera and just put the cover on,, ya know cause we can't show that shit on tv lol
  10. Have sex with your sister. That will guarantee more episodes, meaning you get more money.
  11. That's what my friend is there for bro!

    We also thought what would be funny is if we acted like a hill billy family (we live in Missouri). Of course that probably wouldn't go well with the producers, but we also thought it would be funny if my "dad" divorced my "mom" but didn't want to leave the kids so he would move in the back yard in a trailer.

    That's all if it would be okay with the producers.
  12. I'll believe it when i see it. 50k an episode for an unknown group of people is rather high. Teen mom gets 25k, idk how yours will get more.

    • [/L

      he's gonna do disgusting things for money
  13. what is with america these days. paying an obscene amount of money as a reward for having lots of kids. I can see the money getting wasted away on flat screens and little Debbie snacks.

    they should pay me 50k an episode and every episode i will build a house and flip it for 25-40% profit.

    season 2 I will take my money and start a few businesses and hire my friends and family so everyone is making a living.

    seaoson 3 will be me as a 1%er living the good life from the income that my smart investments have generated over the last couple of years.
    this will be right around the time you run out of money and all 12 of you living under 1 roof end up complaining that people like me have all the money and need to pay more taxes so you can keep the welfare and food stamps coming.

    dont be mad op im not really dissing you cause i dont even know you, it just makes my story better.
  14. No no, I don't think you understand, I have not liked this family since I was little, my grandmother adopted me because of this.
    I do not live with this family, as I have said I am a child out of the house.
    I have always thought that them having so many kids was ridiculous, I was just so surprised, me and my grandmother struggled quite a bit, and then this comes out of no where.
  15. ^i'm so confused...
  16. Yeah, my family line gets pretty confusing.
  17. as you enter the door for the first time, your first words should be......

    "DAMN, yall need to learn how to use condoms!"

    or maybe just say it every time you're annoyed with your parents. bitches will LAAV you. and people will want you in the show. then have your own show one day...and hire parents as side actors.
  18. ^^

    This. And like as an act of rebellion spray paint Gasscity on a wall or someshit.
  19. hey brag maybe you should quit hating so hard, if you were half the capitalist you try to make yourself out to be you'd realize that television executives HAVE the money you want, and are making the investments you WANT to make. They know more about tv than you do, that's why they have the jobs they do. That being said, they know (or at least think) they can make money off this show, and they can continue making money you WISH you had.

    Whether or not those shows should be on tv in the first place is another issue. But that's how it is, fake hustlers complain and dream (you) real hustlers make real money (tv execs)

    Sorry man im not really trying to died you it just makes my point better

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