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  1. I posted a thread already asking if I should buy this tube. After going to check it out the tube is incredibly thick so I decided to pick it up. I paid about 130 before tax for it! I am kind of sad that the bowl doesn't match the worked part as much as I thought it did. But hey it's still a very nice tube :smoke:

    What y'all think?

    PS. Thanks to my sweet girl for the pics :)

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  2. that looks great man. whos the artist
  3. lovinthe worked sections bruh.
  4. Looks cool. The worked sections almost look painted(not that I think they are), not sure if its the picture quality or what, but it looks cool.

  5. I know exactly what you mean. It's for sure not painted though since the glass is smooth. I think it may just be the photo, or maybe the detail isn't done so well.

    Also to koldcamo it's locally blown but I didn't ask the name of the artist.
  6. Nice tube dude! At a good price!

    Milkshot please.:bongin:

    If you already made a thread, why not just post the bong in there instead of starting a new one?
  7. Yea the color looks a airbrush matte color, very odd but looks cool
  8. It is definitely a dull looking color.

    But It's different, different is good..

  9. I'm not the biggest fan of the colour but i'm sure it'll grow on me! I really didn't have much selection at the shop, and since ordering online is out of the question for a few months I thought this was a good pickup. Still wish the bowl matched the tube though :(
  10. Damn that thing looks pretty sick. The bowl dosent match but its still fuckin sick looking.

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