New triple blown bowl

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    hey guys i just went down to the local headshop the other day and bought this new TRIPLE blown bowl


    this bowl is insanely thick, i can literally throw it around and it doesnt break, i think id have to try to break this for it to break

    any guesses on the price?? (i may have paid a little much but i love this thing)
  2. It does look thick. Nice colors too. $50?
  3. Very nice piece...I'm gonna guess 60? My friend has one identical to that and he got it for around that much
  4. shit that carb look huge as fuck, im guessing 35-40
  5. yea i paid 40, i cant wait till it really turns blue, but my friend said his triple blown bowl was so thick he threw it at his friends wall and it put a hole in very pleased with my purchase because i plan on having this bowl for a long time
  6. there's no such thing as triple blown...the guy just used thick tubing when he made the piece..
  7. oh hah sorry, the guys at the headshop say double and triple blown because some pipes they sell are 2 or 3 times as thick as their normal pipes. i mean i knew they didnt blow it 3 times i just thought that was the term?
  8. yeah, subliminal is right
    but if it's "triple blown" quality than that's good
    as long as it is thick

    i like the orange work
    nice pickup but yeah, you could have gotten it cheaper
  9. yea well i went to 2 different shops just looking for a bowl i really liked, at the first everything was expensive and nothing looked good, the only bowl i liked there was 90 bucks, then i went to the next shop n im pretty happy with this buy. now i just need some bud to break er in
  10. Thats a nice pipe, and if you have to try and break it, it seems pretty thick. you better put up pics when it changes colour.
  11. oh i will, its gonna look so sick wen it does tho :hello:
  12. damnnn that is FATTTTt
  13. Sick spoon a friend of my had one like that and it fell out the window not even a scratch was done to it
  14. that pipe has too small of a bowl for my liking, but otherwise it looks sick and sturdy. I'm going to say $35
  15. the bowl may look small but its deep as hell, pickin up 2.5gs of some cali and 1g of alaskan thunderfuck to break it in
  16. Nice pickup, but the carb looks like it would be uncomfortable on your thumb.

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