New track w/ Free Download: CoopaTroopa (Me - Adam Bomb) - "Bishamon" **Jungle/DnB**

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    Heres an atmospheric drum n' bass/jungle track that I made. Get this free download now!

    Feedback = Rep!

    CoopaTroopa - Bishamon - SoundCloud

    Really hope you guys dig this. I'm loving this vibe right now.
  2. Wow man, that was really fresh! Everything about that track is good. I'd like to hear more atmospheric DnB, it reminds me of a bit of Terminator by Metalheads with the synth, if that makes any sense.
  3. Thanks a ton, my dude!

    I've been a junglist for years now so I love making one of my favorite genre's and I'm thinking about making a serious transition to atmospheric LTJ Bukem vibes.

    Stay good...

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