New Toro Macro Worked

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    sick new macro i picked up today at gotham. also have the dome for it

  2. I can't see the video on mobile :(. Post some pics? :bongin:
  3. never seen anyone smoke herb out of that thing, how much did it run you.
  4. Exactly what I thought when I saw the video...
    at first I was like.. he's using hemp wick for concentrates :confused:?

    Nice piece tho
  5. it was like literally after i bought it. didnt have any concentrates tools at the moment
  6. Damn that things pretty cool. Never seen one so small. How much it run you?

  7. with the extra slide i believe it came out around 260
  8. Lol @buying that and then posting vids of you smoking flowers out of it. I've never even seen a female bowl that you can put on a direct inject like that before hahaha.

    That thing is sick for sure though, I wish I had a good rig for concentrates I've been using my nail on my SG king. That macro must be tasty as hell:smoke:

    Post some dab shots?
  9. clean it before dabs

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