New to vaporizers. Which do you like best??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by franklinromeo, Jan 28, 2010.

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    TOTAL bullshit, and discounts everything that you have to say. Don't really want to converse with someone who puts out that kind of crap.

    You're gonna sit here and tell me that you have been in a position to use EVERY single vape that is currently on the market? lol.

    Tell ya what, Peabody. You should go over to the FC site. They could really use your expertise and your super comprehensive experience in using EVERY vape there is. :rolleyes:

    Some of the stuff that gets posted here really is a bit insane.
  2. Haha yeah freak out again, that's cool. I meant I have tried a large portion of brand name vapes (of course I haven't actually tried ALL of them) and did plenty of research before buying one for myself. Yes, I offered my opinion in a "THIS IS THE BEST" kind of way, but I just meant to emphasize that these were the products that I had determined to be the best for their prices.
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    Ahhh, ok. That is not what you said before. Communicating in this medium, being that people don't know you and they don't have the visual clues, you're going to be taken literally. No other choice, really, so ya just gotta say what you mean without requiring people to guess what you mean.

    Not freaking out in the least. Just reading what you said and reacting to what you wrote.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Which vapes have you actually used?
  4. Silver surfer, vapor bros, da buddha, vapor genie, herbalaire, volcano (analog), extreme, and the iolite are all vapes I have personally used.

    I researched for days before coming to the conclusion of getting an extreme.

    Why spend half the money, or even 50 dollars less for something that's not as good which you could potentially have for 10 years? I say, if you've decided to get a vape, it should be an investment. Higher price = higher quality/more features and accesories (to an extent, the volcano is overkill)
  5. See, to me, the Extreme is a jack of all trades but a master at none. For whips, I like the SSV better and for bags, I like the 'Cano better, but for someone who is pretty new to vaping and wants multiple delivery systems, the Extreme would be a great choice, especially the new "Q" model which is a new and improved Extreme.
  6. I voted for the Launch Box, and it's in the lead!
  7. Yeah. I don't know anybody that has tried both the LB and the VG and liked the VG better.
  8. Out of those, none
  9. I just got my Magic Flight Launch Box a couple of days ago, and let me tell you it is amazing, and very portable, definitely worth getting.

  10. And why would you say that? Do we have a Volcano fanboy lurking around these parts? *squints eyes*

    Hahaha, for real, how come?

    I own 5, soon to be 6, vaporizers and I love my LB.
  11. Agreed. I have 5 myself. Don't do any vaping when I'm not home, but if I did, the Launch Box would be the next vape I'd buy.
  12. Im thinking im gonna have to go with the launch box. Im surpirsised I havent heard much input about the Oxygen Mini though...

  13. Because Vapir products are the worst vaporizers on the market?

  14. well excuse for being "new to vaporizers" like the forum says
  15. None, iolite ftw! I have used em pretty much everywhere one would want to smoke and then some :D.

  16. The Launch Box is just as stealth if not more so and costs less than half what the Iolite costs. It's also a much simpler design. Nothing to break really and the warranty is much, much better. It's more efficient and you can control the vape temps.

    I have an Iolite. The LaunchBox stomps it. There is not one thing that the Iolite is better at. It used to be the portable king. It no longer is.
  17. From that list, defanitly the launch box. If you can afford it, look at the iolite. However, I would not reccomend getting a vape from the Vapir range. I've heard that they are poorly constructed and not properly tested.
  18. Why? What is better about the Iolite than the LaunchBox?
  19. I love my LB.
    GC needs a smiley for vaping, until then :smoke:

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