New to vaporizers. Which do you like best??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by franklinromeo, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hello I'm looking to buy my first vaporizer. I want a small portable one. I've stumbled across these ones and would like to know you guys' opinion.
    Can you tell Me which of the four you prefer and why?
    And if possible a little information on the other ones if its known?:D
  2. IMO, get Da Buddha
  3. Heard nothing but good stuff about Purple Days.
  4. Guys, you HAVE to learn how to read the OP's post rather than just the title. The OP is asking for suggestions on a small portable, and you guys are suggesting a VB or a PD or a DBV. These are NOT small portables.
  5. out of those ive only used the Vapor Genie, it was pretty cool but idk id rather just save and get a nice box vape
  6. so does anyone else have some suggestions?
  7. Iolite? I've never tried any of those, but I've read great things about the Iolite and Launch Box. I'd probably go with the launch box.
  8. LaunchBox.

    I have the Iolite. Don't like it much.
  9. I want to try a launch box. But i really like the fact that the vapor genie never runs out of batteries, and the oxygen mini is pretty tiny, and the price is legit. or maybe a vapir one with a car adapter if you'll be cruisin with it a lot. where will you be using this vape mostly?
  10. Man you must be high, or i am.. Well i know i am but you wrote

    "Magic Launch Launch Box"

  11. probably in my dorm n shit. any more input?
  12. oxygen mini and vapir one perform similarly, only the mini is smaller and the One has a fan. i'd go for the vapir one if you're looking for a portable vape for indoor use, mainly because you can use bags, and the launch box seems unnecessarily small for your application. also holding a lighter to the vapor genie could set off a fire alarm under the right conditions.
  13. I don't suggest getting anything made by Vapir. Too many reports of them leaking vapor, tasting like plastic, fluctuating temp controllers and just failing to work. And what makes these issues worse, is that they only come with a 90 day warranty, unlike the LaunchBox, which has a full lifetime replacement warranty. If it breaks, they'll send you a brand new one.............for life.

    If Vapir doesn't have enough faith in their product to offer a warranty longer than 90 days, then you shouldn't have enough faith in their product to buy it.
  14. if your blazin in a dorm a nice box works great, i have a VB and blaze in my dorm all day erry day with no problems at all
  15. Launch box all the way!!!

    there is no better portable vape than this one
  16. Definitely the launch box.

    I believe its the smallest option, also the least expensive. Even if you get the energizer 15 minute charger on top of the launch box (strongly recommended) the whole thing will run you $130. It's completely silent, vapor is produced within 3-5 seconds of battery insertion, and you could literally use it ANYWHERE and not be noticed. On top of all that they give you a lifetime warranty.
  17. I disagree with everything. I am using my Iolite in my room right now and my room smells as fresh as the irish springs lol.

    I am high as a cat as well...:smoking:
  18. And a full replacement warranty at that. If it breaks, they send you out a brand new one............for life. Ya just can't beat that kind of warranty.

  19. Doesn't the Iolite make noise though?
  20. Yes it does. Not loud though. A hissing noise while it's heating up.

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