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New to the Palm Beach Area: Headshops?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by UCFStudent, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, i'm new to the forums and new to the state of Florida.
    I used to be quite an avid poster on other stoner sites such as waytoomany and overgrow (before it was shutdown) but then i kind of laid back and didnt feel i needed to openly share my smoking experiences, but now im back!:hello:

    anyways, i just moved down here from NY, where i always had plenty of buds (flipped a little.. or a lot), and now i'm down here in Palm Beach for a week before going up to Orlando for school, and for the move down i had to sell out all my beautiful pieces (including a RooR!, so nicely named Aurora, i had bought the roor and an oz of Northern Lights... so the name fit :cool:)

    anyways, now i'm outta pieces, and actually out of bud (although i know asking for that on the forums is a huge no no... although if there are any smokers nearby who would like to just meet up and chat;), i'm more than game)
    Anyways, where should i go to get started? i've tried searching for headshops nearby but it gets tough on the internet.
    just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and to any other florida smokers
    thanks for any help, and pleasant toking
  2. It's good to see another Floridian, especially in the Palm Beach County. I'm sure you'll be smoking kryp in no time.

    Not sure which part of Palm Beach you're living in. I'm in Palm Beach Gardens. On Clematis street in West Palm, there's a headshop called HQ [Headquarters]. On Lake Worth Road you have Purple Haze. Okeechobee boulevard has Wonderland.

    Those are the only big name headshops I can think of right now. I get most of my equipment from a local gas station that has some nice shit, so I don't know too much about the headshops.
  3. Hey man welcome to The City! There is a pretty nice headshop in Ft. Lauderdale called Peace Pipe. They have a really nice selection. You should check that place out :hello:.
  4. #4 UCFStudent, Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 18, 2008
    hey man i'm really close to Palm Gardens, i'm in the Evergrene housing development, it takes up the block on Donald Ross, Hood Rd, A1A and Military trail, about 2 minutes from Abacoa or the Gardens Mall/Downtown
    oh, another landmark i know of - i'm RIGHT next to the Dwyer public highschool, maybe i'll be a little creep and stop by there and look for any smokers hahaha

    i actually found a person the other night, i asked two pretty looking ladies sitting in their car if they knew where i could find some (yeah i know, super sketchy.. but desperate times, desperate measures right?) the driver was like yeah hop in.. we took a quick ride over to The Heights in Abacoa (or right near Abacoa?, i'm not too good with the area yet) and got some stuff, but it was absolute dirt... and he only sold nickel bags?? i dont think i'll be going back there anytime soon.

    also has anyone visited what i think to be a headshop named Marley's? its on Lake Worth rd i think.. mapquest says its only 13 minutes from me.. i'd go there now if it wasnt a flood/hurricane/tornado watch =P

    and is that gas station you mentioned a Texaco? beacuse one of those girls i met said that there was a Texaco down the road that sold pipes/bongs, but i coudlnt find it when i went out driving for it
  5. It's actually a 'Valero', and Fay is just going to give us a ton of rain today. Some wind probably tomorrow, but shouldn't be too bad.
  6. okay please help me i'm dyingg out here, its too rainy to do anything during the day because of fay but sit inside... and when theres no bud or anythin to smoke with... it makes for quite a long fkin day
    someone please pm me! again, Palm Beach Gardens area!

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