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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by LiL David, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. My name is david friends call me lil david,new to the growing game but not to the smokeing game hopefully i will get alot of help on this sight make new friends, im from houston if any 1 is ever in h-town pm me and maby we can smoggggg out ,peace
  2. HIGH LiL David!! welcome to the CITY!! There's some very good growers here that are VERY helpful in gettin' started, ya came to the right place!![​IMG]
  3. ok i planted my seeds 9 days ago going on 10 on the 8th day they sprouted about 2 inches and today on the 9th day they grew 2.5 more inches so i replanted them in a new pot but i planted them almost up to the leaves so the stem would be stronger ...... i have been growing them in nothing but a black light indoors .....does any 1 have any pointers for me it would really help.

    LiL David
  4. use fluoros over black lights......
  5. man david u didnt last long at all
  6. Black lights are the worst thing you can use man.
    did you research at all?

    Invest in some compact fluorescents at the very least.
  7. For better answers head over to the growing section

    Other than that welcome:wave:

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