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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Midgeymania, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. What's up everyone - here in NJ currently getting baked on this beautiful Friday evening. Personally a fan of the Pax 3. What are you all using and who's getting baked with me?
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  2. Hi and welcome,,i currently use a bong and Boundless CFX vape

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  3. Sup bretheren.

  4. Definitely a fan of the old reliable bong. I do love vaping for all its benefits but there's just something about a big fat bong rip that nothing else compares to.
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  5. I’ve got some new terp sap I’m vaping insert nectar collector emoji here...
  6. Welcome to the forums NJ. I’m an old bong hitter too but I’m dabbling with vape.
  7. What are your guys thoughts on making butter / oil? What is the minimum amount of bud you use? I've thought about making butter but I just cant see myself buying an oz just for a dozen or so brownies
  8. You may want to try asking in the edibles or consumption forums.
  9. Welcome to the show man!:gc_rocks:

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