New to the forum but not the hobby

Discussion in 'General' started by MIKES3, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Just wanted to say what's up to everyone. Long, long time lurker but I finally joined. 
    I'm from the Chicago suburbs area.
    Check ya later

  2. Welcome to the city, brah. It's a pretty groovy place to be, if I do say so myself. :smoke:
  3. Best avi ever.
  4. And for a long time, I felt like someone has been checking out.
    I always felt those eyes creeping on me.
    Must have been you...
    Any who...welcome!  :gc_rocks:
    Enjoy your stay.
    Watch out for the needles, they are used and everywhere. And plug your butt up, you never know when someone on this forum might try to snatch you and fill you up. For the most part, it's a loving environment, but as a lurker, I'm sure you know...danger could be anywhere.  :ey:
  5. So, yo...You the guy T was talkin' about?

    Somethin' about a briefcase, switch...Maybe?  You that man? :cool:
  6. Sorry mate, that's been me.

    You're just so.... captivating.
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    nah man, just an average Joe
  8. Well...Shit.
    Welcome, all that jazz...I gotta go find a briefcase. :cool:
  9. Shit, I didnt realize the "Introduce yourself thread" 
    I done did it now,
    Is there a section on here to post really awesome photos?
  10. Why wait so long? And welcome btw
  11. I tried making an account about a year ago. I'm pretty sure this was before you could log on from a fakebook account. I got as far as waiting for an email from Admin to officially set me up so i could post and what not. Most forums do that, but I never got the go ahead email. 
    At the time I kind of assumed this was a community that didnt really accept a lot of new members, but I was wrong
    "Day 23: They have accepted me as their own kind. They do not suspect a thing. Muhahaha"
  13. This is a forum that accepts too many new members.

    There should be a quiz or something to get in, shit.
  14. What it should do it lock your computer, so you can't minimize the window or change the page or anything.
    This would ideally be when the rules are posted, because nobody seems to read them (not pointing fingers at anyone specifically)
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    It's a good thing we are allowed to use judgment, <span>D</span>
    :laughing:  :laughing:
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    oh! so that's who took that username! me. haha. 
    i hate this damn budbudgoose crap.
  17. 1. Do u like Marijuana?
    A. Yes
    B. Keep scrolling

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  18. I enjoy the humor here. I love to smoke and I love everything about it. Truely glad to be here.
  19. Options?
    You may change your Display Name, through Edit Profile , once every 365 days (as a non paid member, more often for at least Gold (I forget the others as I am a bit buzzing)). Was Simpleweed taken? :poke:
    I don't think you want the old one, but if so Pm me.
  20. What up Mike .. Dude it's been toooo long bro .. You still living around the corner from that Chinese Store ?

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