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  1. Hey, found this forum while looking for the effects of cannibus on cortisol levels. I have/had Cushing's and recently had surgery for it. I've never tried cannibus but have heard it does wonders for pain. I have lots of pain from weaning from the high steroids and the lack or hormones. I know people in Washington who rave about it. Problem is, I live in the Dallas area in the Fascist nation of Texas. Anyway, I'm here and exploring.

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  2. Welcome to GC :wave::smoke:
  3. I was worried peeps here were thinking me a cop or some crap! THANKS MATE!
  4. Don't worry about it dude. Even if you were a cop, I know cops who smoke. The best weed for pain, in my opinion, is a heavy indica strain, most importantly though is that its grown a little longer then normal. As the trichome glands mature, there are higher levels of CBN which can help with pain. If you have a medical garden watch those glands (the crystals) as they start out clear, become cloudy, and eventually turn amber. Wait until they are about half way amber to harvest and you'll have good medicine.
  5. What's up, man? I hope you find a strain that helps you my dude!
  6. Man I wish I could grow. I live in a 800sqft apartment with about 1200sqft of stuff and a wife, all in Tejas. Trying to move to Washington though. Id be happy just to try the stuff. I've never even been offered it. And we both are interested in vaporisers

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  7. I'm interested in it both for rec and for med. Might as well have fun while taking your medicine.

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