New to snowboarding can anybody help

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by tool, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hay im going to be boarding this year and it going to be my first season

    i just wanted to know it u guys know of good equipment (board, bindings, boots, and clothes)

    Ive been looking at the Zummies package deal and was wondering if its a good deal b4 i spend $600+ on everything
  2. if its going to be your first season snowboarding you should rent all the equipment.
  3. so for the
    Boots: you will jus have to walk around in a pair if they are confortable good
    Board: No way to tell what kind of board you want camber length etc get a board hats between your nose and chin
    jacket and pants:Whatever is eye appealing to you\

    my set up right now is a forum youngblood salomen boots bonfire pants and jacket

    there are a lot of board companys all expensive to none exp

  4. This is usually the best idea. I've been working at a ski/board shop for 5 years now, and we've had a number of people try and return gear because they didn't want to go anymore, and theres nothing the stores or online retailers can do once its used. Also, when you first start out you tend to beat the shit out of your gear, so doing that to a $600+ setup isn't a good idea. Last part, when it does come time to buy stuff, it helps to know exactly what kind of board you do want (stiff/soft flex,longer/shorter, etc.), and renting different stuff will help you figure this out. If possible, look and see if you can hit up a demo day at any of the local mountains, its when companies let you try out all of their new stuff (usually) for free!

    Skiing and boarding is an awesome way to spend a winter, especially when you're high while doing it! :smoking:
  5. thanks for the help ill prob. rent the board and stuff and buy the jacket and pants cuz i do snowmobile to lol
  6. snowboard as much as possible, buy a nice pair of boots for yourself though, just rent the board/bindings, try different stuff out. if you snowboard all the time you'll meet plenty of people who will hook you an old beat up board free, or give you a deal on a great board that's a year or so old.

    Don't wear a helmet. Say my name and sacrifice all roaches to me.

    Be prepared to snap your wrist, buy wriststrong bracelets in advance.

    Don't take it from me, I've never boarded before besides once. But I am moving out west to work a ski resort all winter, so I'm going to follow the above mentioned mantra as much as I can.

  7. First season?


    Learn to go toe-side to stop before you learn heelside.

    If your local mountain has a bunny slope at the bottom of the runs stick to the obvious "new people" area.

    Practice using your stomp pad BEFORE you try to get on the lift.

    And have fun.
  8. renting is definitely a good idea when youre starting out, but if youre absolutely sure youll stick with snowboarding, and try to ride as much as ya can. then buying a board right away isnt a bad idea.

    even if you rent at first buying your own boots would help ya learn. rental boots are really crappy and uncomfortable. good boots will make it for ya, i reccomend a brand called thirtytwo amazing boots, ill never ride any other kind.

    for outerwear or buying your board check out this website i buy all my gear from there. great deals and i get free three day shipping cause im a returning customer. has good stuff too.

    for outerwear brands sessions makes some really great gear. awesome looking, so damn comfortable, and very affordable. foursquare makes good gear too, and 686. theres lots of brands though, all about the same. just find something that ya like the look of and get a feel for it.

    theres a bunch of smaller brands/makers in the industry with a ton of awesome gear so dont get stuck on big names like burton or forum (i do ride forum boards though, i love them, and have gotten both of mine for really cheap)

    for bindings, drake makes some really good ones. can be kinda heavy though. im gonna see about buying a pair of fluxs when i can afford too. ride makes great bindings too. theres tons of brands again, so just read reviews on each piece of gear, you can find a ton just with google

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