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New to site

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by EZZ, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. Great site (Ithink!!)....just waiting to roll up and couldn't resist a look....I Don't drink, don't smoke (only jang)...would like to chat to like- minded (expanded) chilled out folks!
  2. Hey welcome man, hope u like the site, it is a very nice community of stoners.
  3. Welcome to stoners paradise... Enjoy your stay!
  4. you've come to the right spot.
    You will find..

    now let's see:
    -phylosophy/insights (my favourate)
    -Growing help (my 2nd favourate)
    -Nice people all over the place it's nearly disgusting (the reason I come)
    -if you look carefully, you may even find yourself...


    {Thunder strikes, lightning reveals the face, but you don't see nothin}

    PS: btw watch it, it may not be too late for you yet, this community is strong stuff, addiction comes within the first 50posts; Trust the newbie I am.
  5. Welcome!!! :smoke:
  6. welcome to the city:D

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