New to medications AND a question

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  1. Hello!

    I am fairly new to medicinal marijuana, 1 month but it was the ONLY way I could get relief from the pain. If you are familiar with diabetics, or even read up on us, we have a tendency to be depressed. I was born with the disease so I do not have the "why me" thing going on. I have never regretted having diabetes, that is just how it is, I have it. That is, until recently. My tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles have been deteriorating from the insulin, it is quite painful. My docs apologize for me being in so much pain, then tell me to take Ibuprofen. This last doc told me to take 12 Advils with 8 Tylenols daily, this MIGHT relieve some of the pain, then, he actually told me I am not actually in any pain. He said that I have arthritis from the base of my skull to the bottom on my feet and physical therapy would help relieve any uncomfortableness I might have, BUT arthritis does not hurt.. So, I needed help, thus, I have my license to smoke. I have taken White Widow, Amber Dragon, Blue Dream, Snocap God's Gift, Chocolope, Big Bud. All except the last two make my brain crazy. I cry, I get very angry, I want to rip my husband's head off when he speaks, etc. I spent 7 years living in Las Vegas, I fell into an intense depression which I cannot get out of. Does anyone have advice on strains that will firstly take away or significantly lessen the pain BUT might have a side effect of making me feel happy? I have tried the strains I listed because I was told they will make me happy, euphoric, energetic, focused and happy. They really do none of that for me. I ask because the 2 strains that do not make me nuts are not available in my area for a few months, according to the places I normally buy them from.

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