New to LED quick question

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by ichargerb, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Both are probably crap and not gonna give you more than few grams....
    Why not to start with quality items ....Your "stealth" grow is just a waste of time and money,If you get busted they will find your "STEALTH" grow , return for your work and risk will be minimal .... But your "stealth " grow will require same amount of time and work as for instance 400W HID grow which can potentially give you 3-4 oz per plant (It would be good enough to grow 4 plants...) ....
  2. I have a 50 plant see of green also just looking for somethin fun on the side
  3. There like 10 watts.. No where near enough imo. Just go with fluorescent. Just go with 2' t5ho tubes. As many as possible. The 4' make 5000 lumens, and the 2' make 2000. Your best bet would be to get 8 of them (as the more light, the better. Thats just what I would do personally.)
    I'd think an HID light would get too hot. With 8-2' t5ho's, that produces 16,000 lumens with only 190 watts. A 250 watt MH only produces 20,000 and will run much hotter, this will allow you to keep the T5ho's MUUUCH closer. Which in turn greatly increases its effectiveness.

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