New to Kansas City!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by lifeisgood19, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Hey Im moving to the Overland Park area of Kansas City and I know not a single chill stoney around there and Im coming all the way from San Diego. So please let me know if you know some chill spots to hang out and meet fellow stoners.:wave:

  2. Hey man! Beleive it or not KC has got some great bud, I'm from around KC (10min away), some cool places where stoners might be hanging around is westport in the book and coffee shops. Hope you enjoy living around here!
  3. Hey thanks thats great news Im attending JCCC when I get there but Im a private nanny so I wont make friends working and I have my own place so I really want to meet some chill people that enjoy a good group sesh. what kind of buds kind you usually get there?
  4. Hey im in the same position as you, just moved to KC a month ago... need to meet some fellow stoners! dont know anyone around here at all... need to find some hookups. lets keep in touch and maybe we can help each other out. im happy i found this on here, just browsing not thinking i would actually find anyone from KC!
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  6. Haha I'm sorry I guess I didnt read the terms before I signed up... I'll be good now I promise

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