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New To Joints (Need Help)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ColloDrollo, May 28, 2013.

  1. So I bought a small pack of white papers yesterday (zig zags). I watched several tutorials on how to roll and finally did (I also made a roach).
    Now, this joint kicked my ass. The second I light the end, the whole thing was on fire and I was over here trying to inhale every bit of smoke so I don't waste any lol. My question is, is it supposed to burn the whole thing within like a minute? I thought it'd be like smoking from a bowl where you have to keep lighting it every toke. I took in some big hits but it didn't get me as high as I thought it would (probably because I smoked it wrong?). I ended up packing like 2 bowls with my pipe to get me baked.
    Anyone got tips on how you're supposed to smoke it? Also anyone have a GOOD tutorial for rolling? Mine wasn't bad but I feel like it could have been a lot better.

  2. your kidding right? its like smoking a cigarette (and i know you've seen someone smoke one). you light the end and smoke it.
  3. So, how I do it.
    Start of by making your roach, S or W shaped is best. You get your papers, like you said Zig Zags, I've never rolled with those before (europe) i'm not sure how long they are exactly? I use kingsize grey rizzlas to roll.
    Here in belgium 90% of how we smoke bud is in spliffs ( weed + small amount of tobacco) You start off with a line of crumbs in your paper, put the weed from your grinder on that tobac, and then another line of tobacco ontop of that.
    Just make sure you roll it really tight and nice, straight without too many folds and shit, just real clean. and then you light it, don't drag the flame in your j and flash it completely ( lights 1 side of the j completely = complete weed waste )
    happy smoking
  4. I'd say you just rolled it to loose, which is a common problem with beginner rollers.  Get the tuck and roll down; maybe buy some rolling tobacco to work on your form without wasting any herb.  Also, I always fold the sides of my papers over to keep herb from falling out the end.  This prevents loose ends or the "rocket joint" mistake.  Overall though, it's something that takes practice.  No amount of videos or advice from here will really help you that much.  I used to roll the shittiest j's on the planet when I first started to roll, and now I almost always get complemented on damn good rolls when I roll one up.  Just keep practicing though buddy and you'll get it.
  5. Make sure to feel for the j being loose. It will feel empty in parts, prolly the reason why your joint only lasted a minute. They should last 5 - 10 min depending on size, length, etc. If it feels loose pack it down with a pen or other object to make sure there is little excess space where you could fit more weed.

    Also dont roll too tight or you wont be able to pull smoke through.
  6. Shit guys. Like I thought I rolled it pretty good for the first time. What happened was as soon as I lit it though, the entire thing started burning.. I was trying to inhale as much as possible but a lot of good smoke got wasted. Is it supposed to continuously burn so fast?
  7. You're only supposed to light it once, but it shouldn't flame up or anything. The end that you lit is supposed to stay cherried, like what sometimes happens when you're smoking a bowl. Its exactly like a cig
  8. Buy a rolling machine at your local smoke shop. I use one for all my joints. It rolls perfect joints everytime. I can't roll for shit by hand compared to machine rolled.
    Damn. What did I do wrong then. The entire thing was burning at full speed. My room stank so bad lol
    How much are they?
  11. When you light it the end will catch on fire and just blow out the flame.  It will then burn like a normal cig.  You don't have to keep lighting it unless you packed it too tightly and then it might be a problem.
  12. Rolling machines cost a few bucks. Very affordable.
  13. Yeah when you light it.. try to have the flame as far away from direct contact as possible.. and the cigarette can't be too loose or too tight, too loose and it burns to quick, and too tight it has no airflow.. and the weed should be properly dry and broken up either with hands or with a grinder.
  14. First off lmao now that is out of the way..

    Yeah practice makes perfect use tobacco to practice. Just light and blow out and hit to keep it smoking.

    Now that I think about I had a roommate one who was in kinda the same boat expect vise versa. He had know idea how to use a pipe had no concept of a rush

    Good luck best to have a friend show you in person showed my girl how to roll

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  15. When lighting the joint kind of spin it around a little while lighting it to get all of it. But I recommend just using pipes :D
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    If you roll it too tight, it will be a little harder to smoke and might go out, just make sure you lit it good and well. I suggest rolling  a few and just make your prefernce. If its loose it will burn a little faster.

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