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Discussion in 'General' started by tokabowl, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I just bought my friends old iphone 3G.
    I put in my sim car and activated it, so it now works as mine phone, but none of my contacts are in it, even though my sim card is.

    Can I use the iphone as a regular phone and just use the wifi so that I don't get charged with the data plan/going on the internet? Will switching to using this iphone possibly change my bill at all?

    any info would be great.

    sorry i took a lot of my prescbried medication today, and alot of weed :D
  2. yup you can go ahead and use it like normal. but i would recommend calling into your service provider and telling them that youre using an iphone from now on and that youre warning them now there should be no bills on it regarding 3g.

    also, you can turn 3g and edge off so your phone will not be capable of using any data all and you can keep the wifi option on all the time.

    enjoy your iphone and i hope i helped!

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