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  1. Okay soooo Ive been growing soil for a lil while and I want to switch to hydro but cant decide which system is really right for me. In all honesty I want something that I can set up that I dont have to mess with too much and can focus on other things. I was thinking to start out with bubble ponics and then switch to ebb flow. Is this possible or should I just stick to one?
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    Keep it simple..And you "don't want to mess with too much" try coco(it is hydro) although it looks like soil, it is not...But be forwarned, you might never look back..I haven't..I do still have some moms in soil..

  3. Ebb and flow is pretty easy, just flood the trays a few times a day. Generally it is less work, but you do have to do a lot of monitoring.
  4. RDWC is GREAT , you can put the res outside your grow room for 24 hours a day check ups, with a larger res you get less ph swing so it is more stable than a single bucket .
    have a look at YODAs thread in the DIY section.

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