new to growing world, need a little help

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by got2smoke, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. hey guys i want to try growing a micro inside of a metal house trash barral. it is about 10 inches in diameter and about 3feet tall. will i b able to grow a mirco in somthin this wide? if i can does anybody have any tips, secrets, or advise?
    thanks for the help i apreciate it
  2. So im new too! But I know whats going on!

    People have developed the THEEE tiniest grow spaces even much smaller than yours, INcredible i know...

    But anyway. You should really research CFL's. And with the metal can i would suggest just spray painting the inside of it Flat White... Reason!!!: cause its metal. Which it's probably aluminum. but even if. You should have mylar or white paint inside that can to reflect light.

    I would try and build the CFL's into the lid if it is deep enough.

    Easy lighting is to get a 2 powerstrips. 2- 12v lightbuld sockets. And 2 Y split light bulb sockets.

    that gives you a 6000 lumens or so which is fine im sure. which is more than enough light to fill that tiny little space.

    You also want a fanblowing the hot air produced by the CFL's.. one 4 inch desk fan should be plenty with an in and ex holes bringing in and taking out air..

    Does this make sense? just let me know.
  3. yes make alot of sence thank you, i was planing on having 2fans to circulate the air, one on the bottom, an one on top
  4. perfect. just make sure one of those is taking air out. and one is bringing air in!
  5. yes i think this will b a succesfull grow
  6. even tho i dont have one bringing air in. just sucking out. *thats what she said*

    but yea. I hope the best for you my friend!
  7. thanks ill keep u updated on my grow

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