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  1. Before I start, please know that this is my first grow. I used bag seeds, so for all I know my plants could all be male. This is more of an experiment for me. I am not trying to get an amazing yield as much as I'm trying to grow some plants in a stealthy grow box without it getting out of control.
    Okay so I started germinating my seeds at 4 AM on May 28th. I put them in some potting soil after germination and everything was going like clockwork. I started them out with a 40W bulb with a blue filter for roughly 18 hrs a day. After they started sprouting leaves, I started only keeping the light on for about 16 hrs but got rid of the blue filter.
    It is coming up on about two weeks. They are doing great and I switched them to some bigger pots. I also upped to a 60W bulb. The only thing is now I'm seeing some brown spotting on the edges of the leaves and the stems are starting to get weak from all the rotating and leaning towards the light. I think I may have the light too close.
    I'll put a picture up too show you all what I mean. Like I said, for me it's not all about the yield. If you have comments/advice/tips please share with the mindset that I would rather have small plants with shitty yields than perfect plants that blow my cover. I was thinking about trying the SCROG method if they get big enough. 
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  2. im new to growing too but i dont think the stems should be getting tired from leaning to the sun, they shgould be able to take the weight of the plant. im trying LST method on my plants to try to keep them from getting too tall and hopefully it will make the light spread over the whole plant more evenly. as for the browning i would say it is the light being to close.
    but like i said i am new to this and might not know what im talking about. hope it helps some tho :bongin:
  3. What type of bulb are you using
    As different bulbs mean different distances from the plant to get better light to heat convention.
    For example i use cfls as these don't enmit much heat but a reasonable amount of light. i keep them no more than 2 inches about the top of my plant.
    For hos and mh these types of lights produce more heat and more light. so need to be around 16-18 inches above your plant.
    As for leds I have no idea as I've not looked into these that much as yet. but, from what i understand these tend to be used for small box grows and pc case grows. I also believe them to be similar to cfls so need to be kept close to the top of the plant.

    All this I've explained is to allow the plant to stay short and bush. You will see people putting about plants stretching. This means the plant is putting more energy into growing tall to reach the light rather than making leaves and when in flowering stage producing bud.

    Hope this might help you a little as far as lights go if you need any other advice please ask as I know being on my first grow sometimes it seems there's a lot to take in. But, once you know it your all good.

    I'm also on bagseed for practice but think it's still better to help it along as best you can so you get a smoke at the end to say well done to yourself pol.

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