New To Growing, need some corrections/tips

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  1. Hello all, my name is Taylor and I just got registered on these forums because somewhere deep down I really want to start growing some MJ for my own (and friends') use. I have wanted to grow for some time but until I got my summer job and first couple of paychecks, it has not been possible.

    First off, I have an apartment and plan on either growing in my closet, which is 6' x 2.5' x 7', or a hollowed out mini fridge, which is around 3' x 3' x 4.5'.
    After watching High Times' Ready, Set, Grow guide to growing MJ, I made a shopping list/budget of/for things i would need for the grow. This is where I am unsure, as some of the posts on this forum like CFLweasels' light guide contradict the video I watched.

    The List (with prices):
    1. Light timer: 25$: 24hr Digital Timer with 1-Outlet: Express Light Bulbs

    2. Light: 200$: 250 Watt HPS - Metal Halide HID Grow Light Sun System 2 - 900503: Express Light Bulbs

    3. 2 lightbulbs: 40$: Metal Halide Light Bulb: Express Light Bulbs

    4. Ballast: 60$: Metal Halide Ballast: Express Light Bulbs

    5. Fan:~30$: I do not have a link for this yet :eek:

    6. 2 3-Gallon tubs:~30$: I do not have a link for this as I figure I can pick this up at home depot or wal-mart along with the fan.

    7. PH tester: 25$:Soil PH Tester

    8.Fertilizer: 20$: Colorburst 3.5 Lb. Flowering Plant Food - 518232-1 at The Home Depot I also plan on finding another more nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the beginning of the grow.

    9. Seeds:~40$ I plan on using one of the seed banks on this thread:

    10. Soil: 12$: Miracle-Gro 1.25 Cu. Ft. Potting Mix - 74337300 at The Home Depot

    11. Water/Electricity=~50$

    Some questions I have:
    How bad will it smell? (I am on the top in a duplex with two other friends that definitely do not mind me growing but might mind the smell)
    Should I use CFL's or MH lights for a small grow? (I'm planning on having only 1-3 plants at a time)
    What are some strains that are good for first time growers?
    More questions to come...

    If you were bored/nice enough to read this please let me know if I am being an idiot about my supplies or w/e!

    Peace Yall.:smoking:

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